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The Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) at Lynn offers students the best options for taking their college experience to a whole new level while taking their career and classes to a different country.

“I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and it has been the best experience I have had so far in college and one of the best decisions of my life,” said Anastasia Subervi, senior. “I’m used to traveling a lot, but there is nothing like studying in a different country and immersing in the culture. I became addicted to Italian coffee and the best part is I speak basic Italian now.”

Being a university with an incredible diversity of cultures, Lynn has important connections all over the world that allow students to expand their horizons and enjoy a different cultural learning experience. CLA offers more than 50 programs from which students can choose to apply according to their major and their preferences in location.

There are programs ranging from a mere three weeks to an entire semester.

“It all happened so fast, within three days of hearing about the China scholarship I was suddenly later that week booking by flight to Shanghai,” said Liz Raffa, alumna. “I was really exited because I love abroad experiences and I have always wanted to tie in my journalism passion with one of those aboard experiences so this was the perfect opportunity for me.”

Whether a student’s major is hospitality, business, marketing, communication, environmental science, culinary arts, fashion or even political science, CLA has a program to connect students with other countries and their cultures. Some of top places students love include Barcelona, Spain; Florence, Italy; Dublin, Ireland; Shanghai, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina and Istanbul, Turkey.

For those worrying about academic progress, fret not: students do not get behind on their classes because CLA works with them to make sure all their credits abroad transfer back to Lynn.

Some students have also  come across incredible opportunities and doors that going to another country opened for them.

“What I loved most about my experience studying in Germany was that I was able to work with professionals on my international relations field and I had a try of what my career is like in the real world,” said Jeselyn Saraiva, alumna. “Learning from them and what they do was very a very enriching experience.”

Last but not least, studying abroad does not come with any extra fees. Students who study abroad pay Lynn tuition and room and board as usual just as if they were here.

The only additional cost is for the fateful plane ticket to seal the deal.

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