“Spy” Hits Its Target



Ever wonder what would happen when James Bond has to sneeze? The results would not be good and we see that right as this high-energy action comedy takes off.

Melissa McCarthy leads an all-star cast as Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who gives provides information to Bond-esque superspy Bradley Fine (Jude Law). After Bradley’s latest mission does not go according to plan, Susan decides to head out into the field to take on bad guys Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) and Sergio De Luca (Bobby Cannavale).

While many at the CIA have their doubts about Susan, including her boss (Allison Janney) and an overly macho spy (Jason Statham), she is determined to prove her worth and take on any challenge.

Director and writer Paul Feig brings his A-game with a stellar cast and intense stunt work. However, it is the fact that Feig shows female-driven films can be both funny and tough that makes his work, which also includes “Bridesmaids” and the upcoming “Ghostbusters” remake, so special.

McCarthy shines in her lead role and is not afraid to bring anything to the table. She takes on every challenge as a pro and does not fail to disappoint.

McCarthy’s costars also shine with Law taking on the spy role like a pro and Janney bringing her best to every scene. Byrne is beautiful and you can feel her iciness in your bones, despite a horrid wig, which becomes the butt of many jokes.

However, one of the brightest stars of the film is Miranda Hart, who plays Susan’s analyst friend Nancy B. Artingstall. Hart may not be well known to American audiences, but has shined in the UK with “Call the Midwife” and her self-titled sitcom “Miranda.” Nancy does what every best friend should do and is always by Susan’s side in a time of need.

Though, it may be action favorite Statham who steals the show. At first, it seems as though his angry tyrants of how awesome he is may get old, but as the movie continues, he just keeps getting funnier. Statham keeps the intensity of his action-self while proving just how funny he can be.

Audiences should be aware that the film can offend people, but it is an R-rated comedy for a reason. There will be some easily predictable plot points and an over-the-top cameo, but if you’re looking for a laugh, this is the film for you. There is not a boring moment and you will not leave the theater disappointed.

“Spy” is now open nationwide.

Kevin Studer

Kevin Studer is an alumnus that studied Communication and Media. Studer has also been published on the Huffington Post, Elite Daily and Boca Magazine. When not in the presence of awesome journalism opportunities, he has a passion for all things Disney and Broadway.

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