Lynn Students Receive Honors

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The Golden Key International Honor Society has successfully began a chapter at Lynn.

Golden Key International Honor Society is the world’s largest collegiate honor society. As an international honor society with more than 400 chapters at colleges and universities around the globe, Golden Key is dedicated to an extraordinary standard of scholastic achievement, and a philosophy of integrity, innovation, respect, collaboration and diversity. Lynn was chartered last fall, and had its first Golden Key Chartering and
New Member Recognition Ceremony on April 22.
The ceremony was officiated by Becca Bender, primary advisor. During the ceremony, the leadership was recognized for their efforts and special pins were given to Meagan Rice, president, Sydney Trezza, vice president and Natalie Myers, secretary.

Afterward, diplomas and pins were given to all of the members. Membership into the society is by invitation only and pertains to the top 15 percent of college and university
sophomores, juniors and seniors, together with top performing graduate students in all fields of study. The society is centered uniquely on their academic achievements.

Bender urged the members present to “take advantage of the opportunities provided by Golden Key.” The opportunities include scholarships and awards, partnerships with major corporations, career advancement and opportunities for graduate programs.

“I am excited to be part of this honor society, I read that members included Desmond Tutu and Bill Clinton,” said Victoria de la Cruz, junior. “There are many doors that could open up just because I am a part of this international network.”

“This is a great asset for my resume,” said Thomas Kling, senior “I received an invitation and was excited to become a member because I am graduating and having something as well known as the Golden Key International Honor Society can help me gain the attention of potential employers.”

Carolina Abello

Carolina Abello is a senior majoring in communications, media and politics, with a minor in public relations. Abello is also a part of the honor society. Abello is an international student from Colombia who is bilingual in English and Spanish with a basic level of Italian and Portuguese.

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