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It is no secret that Netflix is currently dominating the entertainment series. The recent success of Netflix is not only due to the company and the product, but it is also attributed to the shows and movies that are offered on the site.

Two popular Netflix originals that have been racking in the number of viewers are, “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards.” However, there is a new show on Netflix that is also beginning to become a fan favorite.

“Daredevil,” is a show that follow the life of a man who had experienced a chemical reaction as a child and now lives his life as a superhuman who does his best to deliver

The show was first released on April 10, with 13 episodes in its first season. “I love [“Daredevil”] because it takes place in my home city. [I also love] how the action scenes look realistic and the story is great,” said Adam Sharaf, sophomore.

“‘Daredevil’ stays true to… marathon watching because once you start to watch it,
you don’t want to stop,” said Valerie De Pauw, sophomore.

Each episode has a run time of a little more than 50 minutes. The show keeps viewers hooked throughout every single episode. One issue is that viewers must wait a full year until season two premieres on Netflix.


Although there are many super hero shows such as: “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and “Agent Carter,” “Daredevil” seems to have made its way to the top.

For those who have not seen “Daredevil,” try not the finish the entire season in less than one week.

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