Farmers Table Serves Healthy Foods Just Around the Corner


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Farmers Table is a relatively new healthy restaurant located on Military Trail, connected to the Wyndham Hotel.

Students love Farmers Table because of its healthy food options, location and the atmosphere. The restaurant invites people to become a part of a community. Grab a bite to go or to hang out and have a delicious dinner with family or friends.

“I love going to Farmers Table for dinner because I can eat whatever I want. All the items on the menu are so healthy and delicious. It’s hard for me to choose what to eat there [because] it’s so good,” said Ryan Carmona, senior.

Farmers Table has a family feel, with a farm like atmosphere and celebrates a lifestyle of healthy living and clean eating. Some of the more popular items on the dinner menu include an assortment of salads, flatbreads and various main courses.

“I love the Buddha Bowl. It’s a mixture of udon noodles, chicken and vegetables.  It’s so good,” said Devin Green, senior.

People are quickly becoming regulars at Farmers Table and it is obvious why.  With its unique menu and different drink options, it has become a major hot spot in Boca.

“They have an amazing brunch. I love going there on Sundays with my friends,” said Casey Brown, senior.

Farmers Table also offers amazing drink options, including organic coffee service, iced teas, the Lemon Ginger Tea, lattes and Herbal Reiki Tea.

Whether one wants to have an amazing sit down dinner with friends or family or even grab something while on the go, Farmers Table is the place to go. Farmers Table is one of the best healthy eating restaurants in Boca.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson is an alumna from Portland, ME, who received her bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism this past may. Robinson likes to travel as much as possible. Robinson interned at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as the general press intern this past summer. She hopes to work for a big publication one day and write about food, traveling or the performing arts.

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    Ahhh, Victoria, your blog is wonderful!! I’ll be in London for a couple of weeks next summer and I can’t wait to check out some of the cute places you wrote about. There’s so much to love about the little shops and hidden spots of the city – can’t wait go come back!


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