Yet Another Royal Anniversary

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Four years ago Catherine Middleton and Prince William married and the United Kingdom were given their future king and queen. However, for now they will remain the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but one day Catherine and William will preside over what is left of the British Empire.

The royal couple were married at Westminster Abby in London. Their wedding was filmed internationally and more than 24 million people tuned in to watch it. Many people in the United States wanted to be present and join in on the celebrations because in all honesty, who would not want to go to a royal wedding?

The people of England were ecstatic throwing unofficial parties all over the country in celebration of this union.

In the United States one might hear people bashing the government and its leaders, president included, but in England they love the royal family. Catherine and William
seem to be the perfect couple, nothing but good only comes out in the media. In the world today that is a big deal considering how the media tries to tear apart celebrities just to make a good story, but not these two, these two have a special bond.

“They really do have a fairy tale life. Kate was working at a family owned business when literally a prince swept her off her feet,” said Melissa Hall, student.

Since the wedding they have had one child, the future king of England named George Alexander Louis and another is on the way.

“Everyone in the world wants to be that kid,” said Joseph Scaramella, sophomore.

It is true, he is going to live a life of a prince and future king.

Many people enjoy watching the future king, George, grow and see his father, Prince William become the king that England wants and needs and Catherine become a queen
that could become just as loved as the current one.

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