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“What ever happened to predictability?” Oh yes, it’s back. That first line of the well-known theme song from the 90’s television show, Full House, has been embedded
into viewer’s minds for years. The minute those first few words are played, it’s almost impossible to not sing along to the rest of the opening song, even after so many years since the show stopped airing. However it was officially announced that the song might be making a come-back with a spin-off of the family show that will be airing on Netflix in 2016.

Since August of 2014, rumors of a spin-off have been circling around the internet, but it wasn’t until John Stamos recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, April 20 and made the official announcement. However, that wasn’t the only announcement he made. Luckily for viewers with high expectations, Stamos, also known as “Uncle Jesse” on the show, released some details about the spinoff, which will be titled Fuller House. For 90’s babies like myself, this announcement is a huge deal.

According to TVLine, Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of the new show that will follow some of the main characters that I grew up watching. Fuller House will follow D.J. Tanner (Cameron Bure), her sister Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and her long time best friend, Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). When I was growing up, these characters, along with the many others, were my on-screen family. Nothing would make me happier then to watch Uncle Jesse play his Elvis music, Uncle Joey make his comedic jokes or to watch
Kimmy Gibbler make some of the weirdest, yet funniest, comments. Full House was
truly my childhood explained in just a few seasons.

Fuller House will begin just as Full House did, with D.J. recently widowed and a mother of two boys with another baby on its way. Just as Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey moved in with Danny when he was widowed and left to take care of his girls alone, D.J. finds new roommates of her own, Stephanie and Kimmy, to help her. In the show, Stephanie is following in Jesse’s footsteps and trying to be a musician while Kimmy finds herself raising her teenage daughter. With a set-up that is very alike to that of the original show, many fans are excited to see what happens, myself included.

Although Full House first aired in 1987 and ended in 1995, re-runs were played for years on weekend mornings, which was when I would watch and follow along with the Tanner family, hoping to one day grow up to be like D.J. or Uncle Jesse’s wife, Rebecca. I would spend each morning watching Michelle say “You got it dude” while Danny cleaned the house and D.J. dealt with her teenage girl dilemmas. Watching it for so many years, I found a home within Full House and that attachment still sticks with me today. I can even
proudly admit that I have each season on DVD, just to ensure that the show never leaves my side. But now with the spin-off in the making, I know that the Tanner family is here to stay.

Stamos told Kimmel that as the producer of Fuller House, he is trying to bring back as many original characters as possible, specifically for the first episode. “It starts sort of as a reunion and then spins off. … Candace has three boys and it’s sort of a reversal,” said Stamos. “And we turn the house over to her. But it’s a labor of love. We’ve been literally trying for so many years to do it right. And I think we finally got it perfect.”

As a huge fan of the Tanner family and their many adventures, I can definitely say that
I am excited to see what this new spin-off can bring to the table. Although I can’t speak
for other viewers, it is clear from the reactions on social media that many have high
expectations and predictions and are more than ready to dive back into this big family’s life.

Victoria Alvarez

Originally from Pembroke Pines, Fla., Victoria Alvarez graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's of arts in multimedia journalism in May 2017. Originally from Pembroke Pines, Fla., Victoria Alvarez graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's of arts in multimedia journalism in May 2017. Alvarez is now pursuing a master of science in communication and media practice at Lynn while serving as a graduate assistant for the College of Communication and Design. After working at beIN Sports as a production assistant this past summer, Alvarez hopes to take what she has learned to continue her career in the journalism industry.

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