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Presidents are an essential part to running a club or organization smoothly. Many of the presidents on Lynn’s campus work numerous hours and are always passionate about what they are doing. More often than not, the presidents of clubs and organizations on Lynn’s campus are involved in many different things and are very busy, iPulse went around campus and had the opportunity to find some of Lynn’s finest presidents.

“I’m a Forensic Science major in the 3.0 program. I have a 4.0 GPA. In addition to being the president of the Law and Justice Club, I am also a peer mentor, and work with the office of admissions,” said Daryce Blanco, junior.

“I am a Psychology major graduating in May 2015. I am 22 years of age and in the 3.0 program. I am very proud of my accomplishments thus far including being the president of Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) of fall 2014 and spring 2015. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with students, faculty and staff to spread diversity, increase awareness and decrease prejudice. Being part of GSA has brought me much happiness and a sense of belonging. Without my committed members and e-board, our events would not have been the same. It is important for me to let people know that Lynn University is a safe community. I certainly don’t expect everyone to understand or accept
the LGBT community on campus, however, I expect that they will be respectful. Being president has taught me to be more patient, open, communicative and be a better listener. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. Team work within our group and our Lynn community has been beautiful to watch over these two semesters. As I embark on a new journey with continuing my education by obtaining my master’s degree, I hope to apply what I have learnt from GSA and our committed members. I am appreciate of the opportunities that Lynn has provided and I am thankful for all the wonderful memories,” said Renatta Bissoondatt, senior.

“I have a passion for all animals and people. I find myself so lucky to help people and animals, and I love Lynn that’s why I started the club. I want to make Lynn a better school and help animals in the community. I started the animal welfare club with Dean Martin a little over two years ago and it keeps growing. Our success can be measured in different ways but I’m proud of the group of students who are passionate about animals. We’ve
volunteered at shelters, last semester we raised $ 220 for big dog ranch, now we’re having a technology drive to benefit big cat rescue,” said Autumn Barr, senior.

“[I am] a senior majoring in Elementary Education as well as the president of Kappa Delta Pi an Educational Honor society. Our organization focuses on community outreach and fellowship with like minded, passionate educators. Some of our events that we did this year were Relay for Life, a school supply drive for local schools in need, as well as a community book drive. During the community book drive we sorted books by grade levels and brought them to our field observation placement and local Title 1 schools. This
was a wonderful experience for our group because it helped us get practice finding grade appropriate text. [Members] in our organization were able to guide new members on how to pick a grade appropriate text. This also was such a powerful experience because we were able to firsthand experience donating to the schools in need that we were doing
field placement in and watch the student excitement as they received new books,” said Emily Miller, senior.

“I am the president of Tri Sigma. I love everything that I do with Sigma here at Lynn,
on campus and off. Our philanthropy events serve our motto of “Sigma Serves Children,” which speaks really personally to a lot of our sisters. Being in Greek Life here at Lynn has opened up so many opportunities for me, by teaching me about how to be an effective leader, how to create compromises and work with the administration. My position as president is so rewarding, and I can’t wait to continue serving my Lynn community,” said Sarah Henry, freshman.

Clearly Lynn’s clubs and organizations are run by a very talented and dedicated group of students. If it were not for these students, Lynn would not be able to offer the range of clubs that it does.

Haley Van Shaick

Haley Van Schaick is a junior from Malvern, PA. Van Schaick has immersed herself into the full experience of everything Lynn has to offer. She keeps busy with her studies as an advertising and public relations major. She is currently the president of Theta Phi Alpha. Van Schaick spends her time at the beach, with her friends, crafting or just being spontaneous.

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