New Library Printing Is A Win

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Lynn remains dedicated to keeping its students stress free and with the new upgrade to the library’s printing system; they have again managed to fulfill this promise, not only by making printing an easier process but by simultaneously being environmentally conservative.

Kevin Kerr, Director of Network Services who has been with Lynn officially for 17 years, explained that the implementation of the new printing process was prompted for a few reasons.

“We were looking for ways to be sustainable on campus,” said Mr. Kerr. “For one there was a lot of waste in the library where students printed as well the library specifically was going through a lot of cases of paper.”

Having been present in the library for about a month, Kerr said they have already seen a big positive difference.

The printers now have a queue where individuals can decide what documents they wish to print or they can manually delete the documents right from the printer.

Of course however with anything new, there are possible negative side effects.

“I like it because it prevents people from moving your stuff before you get to the printer”, said Sharneka McCatty, senior. “I used to hate that”

Dylan Petit-Jacques, senior, also agreed but commented on a specific flaw.

“I think it’s okay and it is an innovative way to print papers,” said Dylan. “What I don’t like is the long lines caused by people who don’t know how to use it yet.”

Furthermore, “I think it’s overcomplicated,” said Jocelyn Grayson, senior. “I hate that it’s five steps instead of one but when you actually get the hang of it, it’s fine.”

Added to the restriction of what student’s print Mr. Kerr said they also included a feature that automatically prints documents double sided.

While the system is in its early stages most students feel that once everyone gets the hang of it, it will be fine.

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