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Nowadays, it is hard for people to live without music. Music plays a large role in society and because of that, it can play a significant role in someone’s life as well. For some, music is everything.

Zenas Jones first became interested in music when he started playing the piano in elementary school.

“I was bored on a Saturday and it went on from there,” said Jones.

The sophomore from Fort Lauderdale says that his biggest inspiration musically is Frank Ocean because his music connects with whomever listens to it.
“I want that to be the case with my sound,” said Jones.

Just like anyone else growing up, Jones had a different career goal.

“When I was a child, I wanted to be a video game creator,” said Jones.

However, as the years went on, he focused his eyes closer on the real prize.

“Music seemed to be something that I could connect with more,” said Jones.

He is becoming busier with music as the years go by, but he still always has time for other hobbies.

“In my free time I play video games and train in Martial Arts,” said Jones.

Those are a few things that represent who Jones is as a person. He is known to be the kind of person that anyone can talk to. Although he can be quite serious, he has a joking side as well. Jones also describes himself as a spiritual person who truly believe’s in his and other’s abilities to reach their goals.

“The only moment I ever doubted myself was when I wasn’t selected for the main stage to perform for the Celebration of the Arts,” said Jones.

This was during his freshmen year. Although this was a low point for Jones, he continues to remain positive.

“Not getting selected was the biggest motivation I ever had to get better,” he said. “I believe if the right people hear my sound, I could potentially reach my goal.”

He is a perfect example of someone who has a big dream and chases it through. Even when times get hard, one should stay focused on their goal and eventually wonderful things will start to happen. Jones reminds all that, even when someone says “no” a thousand times, it is just another thousand reasons to keep going.

“Everything that happened in the past is just another thing to fall back on,” he said. “Each experience is a lesson.”

Bianca Bonomo

Bianca Bonomo is a sophomore majoring in film. Bonomo is from Westchester, NY and has a love for writing and music. Many of Bonomo’s interests include going to concerts, outdoor sports, practicing the drums and writing short stories and songs. Bonomo is very outgoing and loves starting up a conversation with a stranger.

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