Post-College Life Is A “Ruff” One

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Life in your twenties could be a wonderful time. However, you will hit some of the roughest patches in your life. You are freed from your parent’s tight leash, but maybe it’s time to be the one holding it.

1. Responsibility
One of life’s biggest lessons that can only be taught by practice.

2. Developing a sleep
With all of the thoughts from the day racing through our heads at night, it could be hard to develop an actual sleeping schedule. However, having a dog that gets tired can help synchronize your sleeping patterns for the better.

“My pup definitely helps me get on a sleeping pattern because I remember nights I would sit up until 3 a.m.,” said Lauren Friedman, junior.

3. Budgeting
This is another life lesson than can only be taught through experience, practice makes perfect. Having your furry friend will teach you how to save and budget your money to provide food, toys and supplies.

4. Staying fit
Potentially working a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job can be tiring, but knowing your dog awaits your companionship for their daily walks forces you to get outside and be active.

“I got my dog last year and just from taking him on walks I lost 10 pounds. It’s not much, but it’s something,” said Jessica Grover, senior.

5. Social skills
Most individuals love dogs. When these people see a dog, they are automatically drawn to come pet it. Along with being seen with your dog, comes constant conversation with new people. This forces you to leave your shell with the comfort of knowing you both have
something in common: your love for dogs.

6. Cheap therapy
Chances are you will have more problems than money can buy. Lets face it, talk is not cheap. Luckily a dog can listen to your problems, keep it a secret and have the best medicine, a big sloppy kiss.

7. ‘The magic touch’
It is scientifically proven, the touch of a pet can raise our serotonin levels and lower blood pressure. So whether you are having a bad day or received some bad medical news, your dog is there for you.

8. Grow Together
As our lives flourish, so will our dog’s. They will be there for your first home, your break-ups, your marriage and hopefully your children. While everything is changing, your dog’s love will remain constant.

9. Preparation for Kids
If you are one of the people that wants to have kids in your future, a dog is the perfect place to start practicing. Congratulations on your first furry child.

10. Saying Goodbye
As we age, so does everything around us: our parents, our friends and our family. Since birth we have been saying hello to all the beautiful things in life that we forgot, one day, we will have to say goodbye. Although no one wants to foresee the death of their beloved pet,
learning to let go will only help us to grow.

With a puppy comes great responsibility and an unbreakable bond. In a time where we feel most alone, a puppy can make you feel almost always at home.

Amanda Brower

Amanda Lynn Brower is from Marlboro, NJ, majoring in advertising and public relations. In her spare time she likes to travel and learn new things. Brower is a hardworking woman who gives 100 percent to everything. Thus, making Brower the perfect candidate for any occupation in the public relations and advertising world.

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