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Movement is a new place for students to work out while also giving back to those who are less fortunate.

At Movement, half of what people pay to work out there goes to helping build libraries and improving life all around the world. Movement is the perfect name for this gym because not only are people exercising, but they are moving forward and helping others.

“I feel good about going to Movement. I’m working on myself as well as helping improve others lives around the world,” said Devin Green, senior. “I love going to the Saturday morning boot camps.”

The teachers at the gym are extremely happy to be helping students and people all around the world. Each of the classes consists of circuit training, small weights and a lot of cardio. It is always a blast to workout at Movement. The gym is filled with high paced, positive energy that gets students into great shape.

“The small classes allow me to get the feel of having individualized workout sessions,” said Casey Brown, senior.

Classes are usually an hour or less, depending on what circuit training it is that day. Students will leave Movement feeling like they got a great workout and are looking forward to the next session.

“Working out at Movement has not only improved how I feel about myself, but it has also allowed me to think of new ways I can help people around the world,” said Brown.

Movement is located in West Boca right off of Powerline road, just about 10 minutes away from campus.

Even though there are other gyms around town, Movement has become the hottest place in West Boca, and students are loving it.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson is an alumna from Portland, ME, who received her bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism this past may. Robinson likes to travel as much as possible. Robinson interned at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as the general press intern this past summer. She hopes to work for a big publication one day and write about food, traveling or the performing arts.

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