SAB To Elect Their New Leaders

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On Monday, April 20, Student Activities Board (SAB) members will host elections for their next president.

SAB, which stands for Student Activities Board, is an event club ran by students on campus.

“SAB is an organization where students get the opportunity to plan events that they want to see on campus. By the students for the students,” aid David Gibson, freshman and one of the candidates running for president.

SAB is one of the most active clubs on campus, running a numerous amount of events year round, from Mardi Gras, giant game night, Ninja lounge trip and even hosting the Millennium Campus Conference pool party.

Let’s not forget the amazing commuter lunches as well, always having welcoming events and making sure they never leave anyone left out.

“People should get involved with SAB because one it’s so fun. We plan all kinds of events from inflatable activities, luncheons, comedians, hypnotist, water park trips, everything you can think of. Second, it’s really good to get involved on campus and always know
what’s going on campus,” said Briana Randall, freshman. “Third, it’s a great way to make new friends. Lastly, it gives you the opportunity not to just know what’s happening on campus but to have a say in what goes on campus. We love asking for new ideas for next semester and we are all ears. We try to make anything possible,”

Randall joined SAB last fall and after falling in love with the club, decided to run for the leadership position.

“I’m running for the president position, which will make me the face of SAB. In that position I will have to be the go to person for all the other members and will be required to represent SAB to other organizations and higher officials on campus and meetings,” said Randall. “I’m basically making sure everything is running smoothly with help of course
from the two future elected [vice presidents].”

SAB is always new seeking members with great ideas and positive energies.

Freshman Michael La Chappelle plans on running for a new position as well.

“I plan on running for vice president,” said Chapelle. “One of the plans I have is to get people more in involved in SAB as well as get people to be more involved around campus and create more of a school spirit in the events we will host for next year.”

Being involved while in college is important and can really change one’s experience while at Lynn. Joining SAB allows students to not only get involved, but also practice their event planning, teamwork and leadership skills.

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