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As one of the fastest rising country artists of 2015, Texas native Chase Bryant’s life has changed dramatically over the last few months.

With the success of his self-titled EP, Bryant is in the midst of a truly career defining moment. With nearly 1 million Youtube views on his debut single, “Take It On Back” Bryant has been on a steady journey upwards. A winning combination of meaningful lyrics, stage presence and impressive vocals have brought Bryant to the attention of the public.

“Going from a small town of 800 people to 1 million people, that’s a whole other feeling. It’s a good feeling, it’s something I’m very thankful for,” said Bryant. “I’m so glad people are starting to hear what I’ve been working on.”

Bryant comes from a family with a long history of musical success, so it is no surprise that he gravitated toward this industry. Being surrounded by music allowed Bryant to explore and develop expertise in multiple aspects of the musical world. As a result, this 22 year-old rising star is involved with all aspects of his content creation, from co-writing all of his songs to playing the guitar in all of his studio recordings.

“My grandfather played for Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison and my uncles were in a band called Ricochet back in the 90s, so that to me was very inspiring. [Music] was something they loved so much and it happened to be that it was my one true love too. Thankfully it’s been something I have been able to pursue and something that I’ve been successful at,” said Bryant.

Most people would be overwhelmed with being in thrown into the spotlight so quickly. However, in the style of a true master, Bryant is taking it all in his stride and remaining focused on his musical endeavors.

“Being on the road so much has definitely been the biggest game changer for me and just getting acquainted with playing this many shows,” said Bryant.

Bryant’s evident passion for his craft is at the very center of his life. As he speaks, it is easy to see his genuine love for music and his gratitude for the success he has been achieving. When the topic of inspiration comes up in conversation, Bryant states his music is inspired by all aspects of his life, making it relatable to his fans.

“I think it is everything, from adventure and love to getting your heartbroken and being out with your friends. I think just everyday life in general inspires my writing,” said Bryant.

As he has continued to become more established as an artist, Bryant has received a host of amazing opportunities that most people can only dream of experiencing. When it comes to choosing a stand out moment in his career so far, Bryant mentions a recent collaboration.

“I got to cut a track with a guy called Michael McDonald, who played with The Doobie Brothers. That was once of the coolest moments of my career and just a pinch yourself moment. Being able to do that was awesome,” said Bryant.

Despite his many recent triumphs, Bryant has a humble and quietly confident demeanor that is sure to keep him grounded in this fast paced industry. Having spent time in both Los Angeles and Nashville, Bryant has gained a number of interesting insights into the music industry in both locations.

“Nashville is a small tight knit community. Everybody knows everybody, it’s more of a family,” said Bryant. “LA is a great place too, it’s so fast paced. Nashville is more slowed down. Once you know one person, you know them all.”

Bryant certainly is not letting the grass grow under his feet and fans can expect an abundance of exciting things in the next few months, from a full-length album to national tours with other big stars.

“My first record will be coming out in the summer, that ought to be fun. Other than that, I’m touring with Tim McGraw this summer and I’m on the Lee Brice tour this month. It’s going to be a fun run of dates,” said Bryant.

Next up for Bryant is the Tortuga Music Festival this upcoming weekend in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

“I’m so excited about Tortuga, it’s going to be a blast. I can’t wait to get into the sun for a couple of days,” said Bryant.

Those local to South Florida can witness Bryant in his element when he performs on the Sunset Stage at 4.30 P.M. Make sure to mark it in your calenders!


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