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Many people may have seen freshman Tyler Bean walking around campus , always on his way to another important meeting or pressing matter. A Student Ambassador for the Office of Admission, Bean has dedicated much of his time to both Lynn and its prospective students. This weekend, Bean will be an instrumental part of the Admitted Student Experience (ASE).

Originally from Essex Junction, Vermont, Bean is now majoring in hospitality and event management. Bean started at Lynn as an aviation management major, but that quickly changed after he found a passion for planning under the School of Business.

In the Office of Admission, Bean is a telecounselor who calls prospective students as well as a retention specialist, who looks out for students at Lynn who may not be reaching their potential. Sometimes one can find Bean giving tours to campus visitors as well, helping the Office of Admission in whatever way that he can.

In addition, Bean is also a coordinator for ASE, which will happen this weekend, April 12 and 13.

“ASE is a two-day, one-night event that brings 100 admitted students from the incoming fall class,” said Bean. “Along with [Associate Director of Enrollment Management] Taryn Hamill, I am one of the coordinators for the program and have been working on putting it together since the beginning of the year.”

While staying with a student host, these incoming freshman will get to experience a true feel for Lynn and what it is like to be a Fighting Knight.

“We want the kids to take away the college experience and environment they will be involved with for the next 3-4 years with the current students here at Lynn and the other admitted students they will be socializing with throughout the program,” said Bean.

Those who come and have made their deposit will be able to meet with an academic advisor and schedule their first semester classes before any other incoming freshmen. During ASE, these students will enjoy a welcome dinner, block party and a barbeque as well.

Bean has a packed schedule with both his job and classes at hand. But when he has free time he enjoys golfing, playing tennis, running, cooking and photography. But, there is another passion he has.

“I have a strong passion for flying actually,” said Bean. “From the age of five, I thought I wanted to be a pilot for the rest of my life. Coming to Lynn, that dramatically changed and I saw it more as a hobby than a career.” Despite his busy schedule, Bean is starting his own business called Finest Captures Photography. His work includes portraits, scenery, animals and even large events, such as weddings.

Although Bean is very involved on campus, he will be hard to find on campus soon. Bean has decided to take the opportunity to study abroad next spring in Australia at the International College of Management, Sydney. T

his will allow him to get some real experience out in his field.

There he will be taking three classes plus an internship with hotel chains, such as Marriott and Hilton, getting hands-on experience in the hotel industry. He was also granted work-study at a local restaurant on the beach.

Bean is gaining experience through his studies and on-campus job. With this, is definitely working his way toward great opportunities in the future and will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Brianna Randall

A cum laude graduate of the 2017 class, Briana Randall is continuing her education with a master’s in communication and media with a digital media specialization. Working as the administrative graduate assistant, Randall is the first to welcome students and visitors to the College of Communication and Design. Through her studies, she hopes to expand her skillsets as a correspondent and for future work in the television and media industry.

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