College Athletes Maintain a Healthy Life

Above: Student athletes have to train year-round in order to stay in shape for season. LU Photo.
Above: Student athletes have to train year-round in order to stay in shape for season. LU Photo.


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Even though there are always off-seasons for sports teams, Lynn athletes maintain preparation for future competitions every day, making heavy routine exercises and scrimmaging other teams in their area.

In order to uphold the high ability to succeed as student athletes, players must mentally and physically prepare year round.

Cally Morrill, coach for the women’s soccer team, makes it a mission year-round to make sure her players remain healthy in the off- season – spring. The girls practice every week, Monday through Friday.

“I always try to transform weaknesses into strength,” said Jordyn Turner, sophomore.

Turner, who is a key player on the team, alleged that the team always practices harder with the purpose of making it to the end of the season, as well as becoming mentally and physically engaged in every game.

“In order to perform well in a game, it is strictly necessary to drink a lot of water as well as eating good carbs like oatmeal and fruits,” said Emma Portsmouth, sophomore.

Portsmouth, a player on the women’s soccer team, declared that before a game they would likely eat something with high carbs and fiber to increase their energy. She also explained that they consume around 1500 to 2000 calories a day depending on how they perform.

The men’s soccer team and soccer club perform high intensity exercises during the week. Even though they are not required to follow any particular diet, their coaches still expect their players to maintain a healthy diet.

In order to stay in shape throughout the year, student athletes work year-round to uphold a successful season.

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