Lynn Students Headed to Final Hour

Above: This year’s Final Four tournament is going to be held in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil stadium from April 4-6. Stock Photos.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.47.54 PM Above: This year’s Final Four tournament is going to be held in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil stadium from April 4-6. Stock Photos.



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For the past nine years, Lynn has been offering off-campus classes that usually last about a week for students to gain academic credit and experience in the professional workforce before graduation.

This year Lynn has already traveled to Aspen, Colorado for the 2015 Winter X Games. Starting April 3 and going through April 7, Lynn students will head to Indianapolis to work and attend the NCAA Division I Final Four. Professor Charles Barr has been operating and organizing the majority of the events with the help of other professors including Ted Curtis and Andy Vermes.

“The focus is to gain experience in the field, while learning about various employment opportunities within a given sport. You experienced this first hand at the X Games, but each trip is a bit different, and provides a unique look at the industry,” said Professor Curtis. “The NCAA class looks at the Corporate Sponsors, and how they leverage the excitement of the Final Four to promote their brand and products. Our students will be working for the NCAA in their Sponsorship Activation Village, among others.”

The popularity of these events have been expanding ever since the introduction nine years ago. Not only is this a fun trip for students to gain credits and something to put on a résumé, it also shows the inner workings of one of the NCAA’s signature events.

Some of the NCAA sponsored Events students will be working include the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Conference, Final Four Fan Fest (sponsored by Capital One), the NCAA Tip-Off Tailgate, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball National Semifinal starting with a 6:09 p.m. tip-off on April 4, as well as the Men’s Basketball National Championship tips off at 9:23 p.m. on Monday April 6. Both games and majority of the events will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium. “We have been running this class for nine years now, and our students constantly rate this as the most exciting, and one of the most engaging,” said Professor Barr.
Although different events such as, working the ESPN Winter X Games or the Final Four Experience, would be very valuable experiences on many different levels.

“Having a look at this annual event from this unique perspective gives our students a competitive advantage when applying for, and interviewing for jobs in the industry,” said Professor Barr. “Our students leave Lynn with unparalleled experience.”

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