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Above: There are many opportunities that are available around campus to stay maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. LU Photo.
Above: There are many opportunities that are available around campus to stay maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. LU Photo.


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Since last fall, the fitness center on campus released a new schedule that offers free fitness classes to students and faculty members interested in having a healthier lifestyle.

The campus has developed a whole program with fitness classes open to the student body so they can improve their physical strength, as well as their wellbeing.

Besides having a full-equipped gym, the school’s gymnasium counts with different locations that now serve as dance and fitness classroom.

Absanity, yoga, dance fit, sculpt and tone as well as bootcamp are some of the classes that are being taught on campus. Experienced students run the classes.

The sessions happen regularly in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, giving people the opportunity to chose different days to exercise.

“We [the fitness center] offer a variety of things that can accommodate to individuals likes,” said Jessica Calzone, sophomore.

Calzone, who works part time for the fitness center, discussed how Lynn’s facilities work hard to introduce students to a healthy way of life while also sharing time with their friends while exercising.

She explained that they do not just offer the on-campus fitness recreation; they have different trips off of campus, including paddle boarding, yoga on the beach and sky zone, which are free of charge.

“I take yoga like three times a week,” said Johanna Jimenez, freshman.

Jimenez expressed that classes are extremely beneficial. They run often with a total of 15 participants on average who attend per class.

Many students find attending outside gyms to become very expensive and Lynn workout sessions are as good as any other offered off campus.

“This gym is convenient because it is right on campus and has enough equipment,” said Takura Happy, graduate student.

The campus gym keeps working regularly even on the weekends with high performance machines and equipment.


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