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This Godzilla re-make will not disappoint.
This Godzilla re-make will not disappoint.


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Recently, the very highly anticipated Godzilla movie was released. Fans and mov­ie critics alike flooded the­atres to catch this release.

An abundance of Godzilla films released in the past set the bar high for the 2014 take on this classic, with a total of 28 Japanese and three other American versions of the movies. The most recent Ameri­can film prior to the movie being played in theatres today, was released in 1998, portraying Godzilla as a monster, who takes over New York City and smashes army tanks. This time around, the movie takes place in California and Godzilla has an ob­stacle to overcome in the form of a giant radioactive spider. The monster is re­ferred to as MUTO (Mas­sive Unidentified Terres­trial Organism) in this film.

Director Garreth Edwards develops a sub plot involv­ing Joe Brody (Bryan Cran­ston), a man in the army helping to fight MUTO. He has just returned home from a long stint in the army, but now must fight for the city’s survival.

Godzilla comes on the scene about 35 minutes into the film to restore bal­ance, as he is the king of the monsters. The army and Godzilla work to­gether in a battle to save the city from MUTO.

Film critic websites, such as Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 73%, with au­dience ratings at 72%. Godzilla fans enjoyed the movie and said that the story was much more enjoyable than the 1998 Godzilla in New York.

For the average movie fan, Godzilla will keep them entertained with phenom­enal special effects and intense fighting scenes. Even for those new to this film series, it is a must see.

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