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Above: Working out can be easy for individuals who do not have access to a gym. Stock Photo. 
Above: Working out can be easy for individuals who do not have access to a gym. Stock Photo.


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Since having easy access to a gym is circumstantial, working out at home has become popular amongst people who are working toward getting in shape because it is more convenient.

“You can do exercises without [gym equipment], sometimes it is even better because you workout [solely] with your own body,” said Camila Hadad, senior.

As many students cannot afford going to an outside gym or do not feel comfortable working out at one on campus, it is important to understand that exercising is an important part of mental and physical wellness. It is a way to clear one’s mind, body and disposal.

Exercising can happen anywhere at anytime. Many have not realize that they can even workout in their own room. Aerobics, jumping jacks, burpees and arm and leg exercises can be done with just a yoga mattress in a small space.

Squats, jogging in place, crunches and dancing also can become an easy routine at home.

“I have done exercises in my room; it is possible,” said Maria Cardenas, junior. “I have done some stuff [such as] Insanity.”

Even though individuals think that working out at home will not give them the proper amount of results, they are completely wrong.

“I have not done any kind of exercising in my room but I would definitely do it now,” said Rafael Pineda, junior. “It is easier and I do not have to go out.”

It has been proven by experts and personal testimonies that people can see more results if they workout at home.

It is important to highlight that these types of exer- cises include cardio and muscle builder sequences.

The trick when doing these workouts is to know how to combine each movement together. Check out videos online of experts explaining how to do the best workout routines at home.


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