Local Band, Kids, Is On The Rise

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Above: KIDS recently released an album in January 2015. Stock Photo.

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“Authentically, as a musician, I should not be inspired by other musicians,” said Joshua Diaz, lead singer and bassist from the band, KIDS.

KIDS, a local Indie band from Fort Lauderdale, in cludes Diaz as the lead singer and bassist, Josiah Sampson as the back up vocals, lead guitarist, Christian Gonzalez and Matthew Barrios as the drummer. Together, these four musicians create an album that has a different sound in melody than any other band that comes to people’s mind.

With different types of instruments and full-fled artistry, they created something that no one has done before. This first full album, Rich Coast, was not created in a typical studio setting. Instead of going to a studio in the city like most musicians do, they each sacrificed their jobs and everyday lives by setting themselves in the middle of nowhere in Chattanooga, Tenn., to write their new album in a period of three weeks.

According to their official website, Sampson said, “When we discussed writing our full-length record, we sought out ways to translate feeling into the music. We wanted to convey emotion, rather than just a sound or a story. We wanted to put the listener in the scenery where we wrote it. We went on a three-week adventure.”

As their single was debuted and many reviews of the album began to hit the media, they created a huge fan base, or in their words, a “friend” base, in the past two years that they have been together.

From the release date of their album at The Culture Room, a venue in Fort Lauderdale, fans were impacted tremendously and became devoted.

The next chapter on KIDS schedule is to do a South East Tour of the United States. Tour dates and other information about the band, including music can be found on thebandkids.com.



Stephanie De Martino

Stephanie Giovanni DeMartino is a senior majoring in communication and emerging media, with a minor in film. When DeMartino is not studying or in rehearsals, she is writing music and singing. Growing up promoting and meeting rising bands, DeMartino is familiar with working in major industries. After being an extra in Rock of Ages, DeMartino wants to rise in her career.

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