Awa Dia Inspires Students To First Love Themselves With F.L.Y.

Freshman Awa Dia creates her own brand new club, F.L.Y. LU Photo.
Freshman Awa Dia creates her own brand new club, F.L.Y. LU Photo.


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Lynn has a variety of clubs and organizations, but this year Awa Dia, freshman, decided to add one more to the list.

Dia established Lynn’s very only club, First Love Yourself (F.L.Y.), which is dedicated to self empowerment and boosting the self esteem of its members.

“The reason I started this club was because I personally had self esteem issues growing up,” said Dia. “There was a point in time when I didn’t love myself. I then decided to do a lot of research on ways to boost your self esteem. Coming to college I realized that many people don’t love themselves and I figured, how could I help them like I helped myself?”

Dia’s confidence radiates from her smile. She hopes that F.L.Y. will inspire all who she meets. In a typical F.L.Y. meeting members can expect to participate in self affirmation activities.

“I am super excited about joining my sorority sister Awa in this venture,” said Jennifer Meng, junior. “As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, this club will help boost not only my self esteem, but will also help others involved.”

Dia is very active and well known on Lynn’s campus.

“She is an inspiration for students on campus because she allows them to have a voice and helps them to love themselves through her great advice,” said Jane Silver, junior.

F.L.Y. is just getting started and they are currently looking for students who would like to be a part of this club’s executive board.

“I just strongly believe that everyone should love themselves first,” said Dia.

F.L.Y. currently has open meetings once a month. If interested, contact Awa Dia at


Haley Van Shaick

Haley Van Schaick is a junior from Malvern, PA. Van Schaick has immersed herself into the full experience of everything Lynn has to offer. She keeps busy with her studies as an advertising and public relations major. She is currently the president of Theta Phi Alpha. Van Schaick spends her time at the beach, with her friends, crafting or just being spontaneous.

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