Why We Still Need Mom And Dad


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It is easy to take them for granted. Everyone is guilty of it, and while it may seem shameful, it happens to the best of us. Truth is, when you are used to having someone in your life like that, it is easy to forget just how great they really are.

Growing up, I have always seen myself as a very independent person. I basically created the phrase, “I don’t need no man,” well maybe that phrase, but with better grammar given that I am a communication student.

However, living off campus in an apartment this year has given me a good ole’ slap in the face. Turns out, I need my parents way more than I thought I did.


Already disliking cooking, this has become a major issue in my house. Measuring, tempering, questioning if its pink or not, expiration dates, seasoning, the list can go on forever. These are the things that haunt my mind while I cook.

On the once or twice occasions that I do prepare an actual meal a week, you better believe I call home asking a million and one questions on what to do. The risk of salmonella poisoning is at an all time high for me.


Next time you frown at someone for not donating money to charity at the super market, think to yourself if they have children. Lets face it: we are charity cases, one that they have been donating money to for 18 plus years now.

Despite having a job of my own now, I still look to my parents for financial assistance and I am eternally grateful for all the help that they have offered to me.

They have some experience under their belts, so do not forget to ask for some advice on how to make money of your own, despite wanting to figure it out on your own, save the eye roll and just ask. Chances are they are biting at the bit waiting to share with you.

3.Moral Support

This may not be parent specific, but it can certainly be family specific. The definition of family much reminds me of wedding vows, “through the good times and the bad times, through sickness and health,” family is there for you.

It may not always seem that way, but it is true, they have your best interest at heart. So tell them you love them or give them one of those nods that say, “Hey, I appreciate you.” Chances are, they would appreciate that.


Clairissa Myatt

Clairissa Myatt is an alumna from Lynn. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism and a minor in sports management. Over the past year, Myatt has had amazing writing opportunities. From being published in a national magazine for youth sports to being a contributing writer for Elite daily, she is eager for what the future holds for her career. With a passion for fitness and writing, she hopes to be able to combine those two things into a career that never leaves her with a boring day at the office.

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