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If students were around campus last year they would have returned expecting the familiar banners lined up around campus that showcased Lynn’s multicultural atmosphere.

Students have been showing more school spirit than ever before. Stock Photo.
Students have been showing more school spirit than ever before. Stock Photo.

Upon returning to Lynn however, students were  surprised to find the new banner advertisements which vary from “Spirit,” “Strength” and “Service.” These “three “S’s” summarize the attitude of Lynn’s dedication to the athletic programs.

This change in direction was sparked by the need to change Lynn’s Fighting Knights logo to a more sharp image featuring a shield behind the outline of a knights helmet.

This new logo was voted on by students last year.

“I think the new logo is awesome,” said Huntington Septien, sophomore. “It shows how Lynn is expanding into a more serious school.”

There are noticeable signs around campus of the expansion.

The International Business Center is up and running, and there is already considerable construction on the new Snyder Sanctuary in front of the Lynn Residence Center. Not to mention the newly finished Bobby Campbell Stadium, completed this past March.

Other changes have occurred in recent years such as the initiation and reconstruction of the school’s 24/7 dining commons.

“I didn’t see any other schools with a 24/7 hour cafeteria when I was in the decision process,” said Brett Ferber, senior. “I have even asked my friends who all go to different schools and they said they’ve never heard of anything like that. They are definitely jealous.”

All students enjoy the ever-available opportunity to grab a bite to eat.

All these changes are happening fast with the growth of the university skyrocketing. Lynn will only continue to grow larger and more significant in the future, and  students will express nothing but excitement.


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