Lynn Fashion Showcase

Highlighting Students in Every Way

By Katie Zivley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As most students and faculty already know, the Lynn University Fashion Showcase is a highly anticipated event on campus that features designs, photographs, and cohesive fashion statements.

With over eight courses and clubs on campus involved, there are around 150 students that collaborated with staff and faculty to help make this event the best it could be. With this statistic in mind, this gave students a great hands-on experience within their desired field of study. Sustainability in the fashion industry was this year’s theme, as many of the students involved had their own fun working with it.

“The last week of class, Professor Stern and Dean Santalo took our advanced photography class and the fashion students to the Waste Management facility in Miami, and we shot some amazing photos there,” said Paige Platt, junior, public relations and advertising major at Lynn. “Our professor encouraged us to help pose the models and come up with creative ideas for the photos; it was a really cool experience, especially to go outside of campus.”

This year, instead of just the main event on February 23rd, they are opening it up to students to attend the night before. Students at Lynn who were involved got the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Miami Dade College students, the Miami Fashion Institute and the Upcycle Project.

“I love industrial stuff, and all the compacted trash kind of reminded me of WALL-E and within the setting that we were in, I thought it was perfect,” said Brendan D’Antonio, a senior and photographer involved in the Lynn Fashion Showcase preparation. “It matched the outfits perfectly because it was kind of like elegance mixed with the grungy type of dirtiness of it.”

Some of the sponsors involved within the production of this year’s fashion show were Boca Magazine, Neiman Marcus, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach Illustrated, Town Center at Boca Raton, Protect My Shoes and Sodexo.

“I’ve walked in the show as a model the past two years, but it’s been a really awesome opportunity to see the other end of things and be involved with producing the show,” said Sydney Jones, a junior and model who walked in the Lynn Fashion Showcase this year. Those interested in getting involved for next year’s Lynn Fashion Showcase, please contact Instructor and Project Manager Roberto Cadilhe at

Above: Model walks the runway at the 2024 Lynn Fashion Showcase on Feb. 23, 2024. Photo/Lynn University.
Above: Lynn models are photographed at the Waste Management facility. Photo/A. La Porta.

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