Season Predictions in the Big Leagues

Lynn Students Weigh in on the Preparedness of their Favorite NBA Teams

By Hayden Kelly, Staff Writer

Lynn University is a very culturally diverse college, with basketball fans from all over the world who were not shy to share their take and predictions about the long-awaited 2023-24 NBA season.

For the past 78-years, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) games have been a popular pass-time among many admirers of the sport, who include Lynn University students, faculty and staff. The total of 82 games brings something new every season to both fanatics and hobby fans, with rookies like Victor Wembanyama (Spurs) and Scoot Henderson (Blazers) making their debut and veterans including LeBron (Lakers) and Steph Curry (Warriors) facing off on the court.

“Despite being a Boston Celtics fan, I’m confident that the Denver Nuggets will be the champions,” said Miles Hopkins, a junior cybersecurity major at Lynn University. “They have the best player in the league in Nikola Jokic, and a top 10-point guard, Jamal Murray.”

In addition to students who are fans of the sport from around the globe, a large demographic of students at Lynn hail from the New York area, bringing many Knicks fans, Nets fans and beyond. iPulse spoke with Chris Mastandrea who although reigns from Brooklyn, NY, is a die-hard Oklahoma City Thunder fan who would not dare miss a game, especially when his favorite player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is on the court.

“I think the Thunder are going to win it all, they are the true X-factor of the league,” said Mastandrea, a junior sports management major. “They are one of the most versatile teams in the league with a roster full of lock down defenders.”

Another fan favorite to win it all this year are the Boston Celtics. Ranking first in the East, and in the entire league, the Celtics, with fan favorites, including Jayson Tatum and Jaylan Brown, are off to a great start.

“I would say the Celtics are my favorite NBA team, simply because of the chemistry shared throughout the team and young core, with most of the team being younger than 26,” said Arthur Yura, an international student and resident assistant from Brazil, on why he gravitates towards the Celtics before any other team. “You can really tell how close the players are on and off the court too.”

Lynn University’s global diversity has resulted in its student body with multiple new perspectives on the upcoming NBA season and has also brought together a great mixture of loyal NBA fans supporting their teams from as far and wide as states like Oklahoma and Texas.

Lynn University continues to be a place of conversation filled with excitement about sports amongst both U.S. and international fans of basketball and the NBA. This season offers a great opportunity for both dedicated fans and those who recently became interested in the sport to become part of a memorable experience. Attending a game once in a lifetime is a must, but in the meantime, following ESPN or visiting a local sports bar with friends can be an excellent time for relaxation and fun for all!

Miles and friends at Lynn repping the Celtics. Photo/H. Kelley.
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander bringing the ball up the court for OKC. Photo/SBNation.

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