The Heart and Soul of TEDx Lynn University

The Dedication of Student Volunteers

By Maria Sotomayor, Advertising Manager

On November 7, TEDx Lynn University hosted a showcase of ideas and innovation, but the real magic unfolded behind the scenes with a dedicated group of student volunteers.

Coming from diverse fields such as hospitality, business, and the Watson Institute, these students played a crucial role in bringing the event to life.

Student volunteers were placed in charge of event logistics and attendee assistance, in addition to managing the speakers and ensuring everything flowed smoothly. The dedication of the volunteers created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The TEDx Lynn University event was not just an opportunity to contribute to the event but also a chance for personal growth and learning. Engaging with speakers and organizing logistics allowed them to develop skills in teamwork, leadership, and event management. 

“The hospitality club gave us the opportunity to volunteer at the event,” said Charlie Higgins, a student volunteer. “My role is to manage the PowerPoint teleprompter to display scripts and prompts for speakers. This role will allow me to gain experience beyond my hospitality background and learn new aspects of events.”

“I have been preparing for this day for two weeks,” said Marie-Christine Franklin, the stage host at the event. “The Watson Institute gave us the opportunity to volunteer, and it will allow me to develop my leadership and public speaking skills.”

Hospitality students who are part of Professor Schmantowsky’s class had the opportunity to prepare the hours d’oeuvres for the event and post-event, they transitioned to serving the food to the guests. 

The TEDx Lynn University event shows the dedication and spirit of the student volunteers. Their commitment, from the kitchen to the stage, brought the event to life. The impact of their dedication leaves a lasting experience on students and will inspire future students to take part in these experiences. 

“After this experience, I would like to contribute to upcoming Lynn events,” said Christian, a student volunteer. “It was a great experience seeing how everything came to life, and I look forward to being part of more events in the future.”

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