Time Management for Athletes and Non-Athletes

Comparing How Difficult It Is for Athletes and Regular College Students to Make Free Time

By Grace Werle, Staff Writer 

Both student athletes who are dedicated to their respective sports and non-athletes alike can  struggle to find personal free time in their busy schedules to relax and recharge daily. 

Lynn University is known for being a diverse campus, and a significant portion of the student population consists of student-athletes. When walking around campus, people can identify athletes by their backpacks or other athletic gear. It is also easy to tell when entering Mary’s Kitchen or walking to an 8 a.m. class, because students can see the athletes who just finished an early morning exercises or practices. 

For biology majors at Lynn, managing a social life can be very difficult due to the many classes and lab requirements. 

“I manage my schoolwork and free time by writing out my assignments in a planner and completing them the day they are assigned. This allows me to have more time to go to the beach and read,” said Bridget Beacom, a junior biology major at Lynn.

Athletes and non-athletes often face similar challenges when trying to balance athletic, work and personal commitments during their time at Lynn, especially when taking courses during the block schedule. Student-athletes, especially, must manage being both students and athletes, viewing effective time management as a key to their success in college. 

“I try to make sure to cut time out of my day for activities. Activities are important so that I still have fun since I am young, and life won’t be as easy as it is in college,” said Eve Tsolakis, a sports management major and a member of the women’s soccer team. 

When speaking with non-athletes and student-athletes, it was clear that both have worked to develop good time management skills and know how important it is to have time for themselves. They also make sure that they make time for efficient sleep even with their busy schedules.

“I try my hardest to get eight hours of sleep a night, but that doesn’t always happen with soccer, school, and work,” said Eve Tsolakis[JC1] . 

At the end of the day, all students must focus on self-care and their health and well-being. While making sure that school remains a priority, finding time for relaxation is essential for being a wholesome student.

 [JC1]Missing attribution.

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