A Break for Professors

What Professors at Lynn University Enjoy About the Holidays

By Nick Blanchette, Staff Writer

Students at Lynn University are not the only ones excited for the start of winter break, as professors are also enthusiastic about partaking in holiday activities.

Although professors tend to enjoy teaching subjects that they are passionate about, there is no denying that everyone needs a break occasionally. Winter break provides professors with the opportunity to catch up with and visit family members, as well as pursue relaxing hobbies. Dr. Valeria Fabj was asked what she usually looks forward to during the break.

“I enjoy going to Los Angeles to visit my daughter,” said Dr. Fabj.

Taking a long holiday break is also great for self-care. It gives chance to catch up on sleep, clean around the house, read favorite books, cook winter-themed meals, and bake sweet holiday treats. While the cuisine at Mary’s Kitchen is undeniably delicious and diverse in terms of cultural origins, some people enjoy following family recipes and involving themselves in food-related traditions with friends and family members. Dr. Fabj explained the cultural significance behind her favorite holiday treat.

“Torrone, an Italian nougat candy was actually invented in my birth city of Cremona, Italy during the Middle Ages,” said Dr. Fabj. 

Sometimes, winter break also provides professors with a decent amount of time to plan for the next block or semester. This includes modifying lesson plans, researching recommended literature for future students and classes, and organizing one’s workspace.

Of course, there are certain things that are a hassle to tidy up once the holidays come to a close. When it comes to her least favorite things to look forward to, Dr. Fabj said it was taking down decorations.

In 2021, a large gingerbread house greeted visitors before a concert at the Wold Theater. Photo/ N. Blanchette.
Dr. Valeria Fabj enjoys eating the Italian candy, Torrone, during the holidays. Photo/Georilla on Pixabay.
Festive snowmen decorations were displayed at Mary’s Kitchen during December of 2021. Photo/ N. Blanchette.

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