Guest Speakers Inspire Future Leaders at Lynn University

From TED Talks to conversations with Kelsi Brown Corkran, the Lynn community has been infused with inspiration.

By Gerard Jones, Managing Editor

Lynn University recently hosted a series of inspiring, high-profile guest speakers who captivated students and faculty alike, pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing cultural diversity.

On Tuesday November 7, TEDx Lynn University hosted a dynamic evening entitled “Empowering You.”  The notable speakers were Brian Connor’s, Mitali Saxena, Louis Grayson, Michael Shaw, and Christina M. Simpson. Each speaker brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the stage, discussing everything from Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration in business to innovative leadership.

“These people had really diverse experience and therefore, different insight to share. I think it’s really cool to see how each of them created their own path to success,” said Marichi Aria, a freshman and event host.

During the event, Michael Shaw delivered a thought-provoking talk, emphasizing the importance of foundational skills available to everyone.

“Leaders know they don’t have to brag about what they do. Let others praise you,” said Shaw.

Shaw’s words resonated deeply with the audience, encouraging them to focus on personal growth and humility.

Continuing the momentum, on Nov. 9, Lynn University’s Dialogue Lecture Series, hosted by Dr. Robert Watson, Lynn’s Distinguished Professor of American History and renowned historian and author. The event featured a conversation with Kelsi Brown Corkran. Corkran, the Supreme Court Director at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) and Senior Lecturer at Georgetown University Law Center, brought her extensive legal expertise to the table. Having previously served as a law clerk to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Judge David S. Tatel, her insights were highly anticipated.

“I am driven by the constant quest to discover who I am and where I belong,” said Brown, highlighting her personal journey and the importance of self-discovery. She also offered valuable advice to college students, urging them to “[e]mbrace challenges, trust themselves, and seize every opportunity that comes their way.”

These events not only pushed Lynn students and faculty forward with innovation but also fostered a sense of cultural diversity within the University’s community. The opportunity for networking was unparalleled, allowing students to connect with industry professionals and gain valuable insights from successful individuals in their respective fields.

As Lynn University continues to bring such remarkable speakers to campus, it remains committed to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, providing them with the tools, inspiration and connections needed to make a lasting impact in their chosen paths.

Guest gather in the lobby of The Wold Center. Photo/A. Alesi.
Kelsi Brown Corkran shares photos with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her family. Photo/G. Jones.

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