Behind the Mic: Lynn’s State-of-the-Art Podcast Studio

The University’s Podcast Studio Offers Students Creative Opportunities

By Eliana Nunez, Staff writer

The podcast studio at Lynn University has become the newest way for students to express themselves creatively.

In the College of Communication and Design, professors have been creating a diverse
learning environment for students to form a different understanding of journalism and its
importance in society, allowing room to develop new skills.

“Today, there are so many ways to express yourself,” said John Conway, a professor and iPulse faculty advisor. “Finding the one that fits you best is important,”

Lynn’s student news organization, iPulse, now features a podcast. The podcast studio, located on the third floor of the Lynn University Library, includes state-of-the-art equipment to help bring students’ ideas to life and attract an audience beyond campus. It is a space where students can talk about on-campus events, social issues, culture and arts.

“Having access to this equipment gives me a space to talk and create professional-sounding interviews while getting more experience in a professional atmosphere,” said Elizabeth
Clagett, a Lynn sophomore.

Students from all majors have the opportunity to create with peers outside of the classroom and speak freely about topics of interest. Creating with peers is starting the next generation of multimedia journalists.

“I have collaborated with other students, and we have created a podcast called ‘Basically
Just Talk,’” said Clagett.

The podcast world is evolving, and people are developing new technology to keep up
with society and create connections with others. Podcasting has become a unique approach to audio storytelling.

Lynn sophomore Elizabeth Clagett records her podcast in the studio.
Photo/ E. Clagett.
The podcast studio is located on the third floor of the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn
Library. Photo/ E. Nunez.

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