A Spooktastic Campus Party

A.I.M. Arts Club’s Annual Halloween Event

By Nick Blanchette, Staff Writer

With Halloween fast approaching, students are looking forward to costume parties, eerie music and tasty food, all of which are provided by Lynn University’s Aspire, Inspire and Motivate (A.I.M.) Arts Club.

Lynn University hosts a number of annual events, such as Founder’s Day, Celebration of the Arts and around this time of year, the Halloween costume party sponsored by A.I.M. Arts Club.

The event offers students across all majors a chance to compete in a costume competition and partake in dancing to Halloween-themed music.

“The Halloween party was organized by different clubs and brings in a diverse group of students,” said Samantha Passafuime, a senior, referring to the event in 2021. “It was a fun night with food, music and everyone in costumes.”

Halloween can be seen as a children’s holiday foremost, but A.I.M is out to prove it can be enjoyed at all ages. At the event, Lynn students can feast on free candy and compete in the costume contest, which offers prizes for the top three participants. Whether students create their own costumes or wear a store-bought costume, there is no doubt that attendees are sure to have a wonderful time.

“The A.I.M Halloween party in 2021 had a good turn out, and the following year had even more people show up,” said Passafuime. “The Halloween event was more of a costume contest, but if the two years were combined and had everything from the past two years, I genuinely believe it could be a fun time for students.”

For many students, the Halloween party can be a well-deserved break after working hard on assignments and exams. It also provides them with a chance to socialize with other like-minded people who enjoy the spooky season. Despite this Halloween landing on a weekday, students will not have to fret about missing their opportunity to dress up in costume, since Lynn’s Halloween parties do not conflict with normal class schedules.

“Halloween is the perfect holiday for students to celebrate on campus. For other holidays, students typically travel back home, but with Halloween, I feel that more people won’t travel,” said Passafuime.

With the arrival of October, this year’s holiday will be irrefutably spooktastic, and students who are interested in the event can join the A.I.M. Arts Club to find out more.

Above: Samantha Passafuime walks on stage in Elaine’s as part of a costume contest in 2022.
Photo/ S. Passafuime.

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