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Hidden Gems of Lynn: A Quieter Campus with More Room for Exploration 

Max Lederer

Staff Writer

Lynn University has several hidden gems that provide beauty, food, meditation, relaxation, knowledge and much more, especially in the quiet summer months.

The first hidden gem iPulse chose to highlight is a food closet for students who are food insecure. The food closet is located behind the library. It is opened between 12 and 2 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Upon advanced notice and request, the librarians may make exemptions and open it at other times per request during the summer months as well to allow students to take up to four food items, including snack and shelf-stable food.

“Stacy [Alesi] and I had heard stories and anecdotes about students living in their cars, students who are unstable and food insecure and for years, we’ve been trying to get this [food closet] going,” said Lynn Library Director, Amy Filiatreau.

The second hidden gem is also located on library grounds, with all different publications – all by Lynn University faculty. Some students have outstanding relationships with one or several of the Lynn faculty, but even then, may not be aware that their favorite professors and mentors have published and continue to publish different books and editorials. By readings some of these, even while taking a short break between studying for summer classes, can offer new perspectives about the authors and their fields of expertise.

The third hidden gem Lynn has to offer is a small but peaceful butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is located at the heart of the ASSAF Academic Center , where most classes at Lynn are held. Flying butterflies and this little garden symbolizes the importance of nature and its beauty – a treasure to preserve, protect, and defend.

“The butterfly garden is a beautiful space to recharge between summer classes or to watch the butterflies during an outdoor lunchbreak”, said assistant professor Dr. Timea Varga. “The courtyard is the ideal place for the garden and its visitors.”

The fourth hidden gem not to overlook is a “Questions, Ask Me” desk, where students, faculty and staff can sit and simply relax. The new lounge chairs and sofas provide a great space to take a necessary break between classes and meetings.

The final hidden gem in plain sight is the Remembrance Plaza, a memorial dedicated to the four students and two Lynn faculty members, who passed away in 2010 in Haiti, when a powerful Earthquake devastated the small island nation. Using the elements of light, water, stone and trees, this memorial is a special place of remembrance and reflection – a place of inspiration.

“This memorial is so important to Lynn and its community,” said Dr. Antonella Regueiro, Director of the Social Impact Lab. “It commemorates the legacy of the students and faculty we sadly lost while inspiring our community to engage in service and be grateful.”

Staff, students, and faculty are also invited to unwind and enjoy the quiet summer days on campus in the Snyder Sanctuary, a quiet sacred place on campus that provides ample opportunities for self-care, meditation, and self-reflection. A very peaceful space and outside, the sanctuary is ideal for everyone who seeks some additional peace and quiet.

Lynn has a small but mighty campus, with many highlighted features are just a few of the hidden gems at Lynn University that can be taken advantage of during Summer and the regular academic year.

Evening view of the Remembrance Plaza adjacent to the Charles E. and Dorothy F. Schmidt College Center. Photo/Lynn University.
Shelves with books written by Lynn faculty. Photo/M. Lederer.
The Butterfly Garden in the ASSAF Academic Center. Photo/M. Lederer.

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