Lynn is a Hotbed for Sports Media

There are Prominent Members of the Sports Media World who are Lynn Alumni

By Bryan Garfield

Staff Writer

Sports media has grown into one of the biggest forms of media in the United States and Lynn alumni have their fingerprints all over the industry right now. Lynn alumni have worked for almost all of the biggest sports media companies around the world like ESPN, Fox Sports, FanDuel and Bleacher Report.

Lisa Kerney was a major figure on ESPN from 2014 until 2018. She attended Lynn to study broadcast communications and played for the school’s basketball team. From a young age, Kerney was committed to a future in sports broadcasting. “I became committed to being a sports broadcaster when I was very little and truly had blinders on; I never came up with a Plan B” said Kerney.

Another alum making Lynn proud is Justin Cohen is one of the most successful photographers in sports today. He has covered some of the most prominent events like the Rose Bowl, March Madness and World Heavyweight Championship fights. Cohen studied communications at Lynn and was part of the student newspaper during his time at the school. Cohen’s published work can be seen in a variety of outlets, including the official websites of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Reporter” said Lynn University in a recent article about Cohen.

Andy Slater chose sports radio and has been a recognized talk show host. He can be found on The Andy Slater Show on WMEN 640-AM Fox Sports. Slater has been a large part of some major sports news stories over the last almost two decades. Slater was the last person to interview O.J Simpson before his prison sentence in 2008 and is credited with breaking major sports news like the passing of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and the “gummy incident” with Heat guard Dion Waiters. “It’s possible there are no other radio hosts like Andy Slater” said Miami New Times when awarding Slater the Best radio personality in 2019.

Like Kerney, Cohen and Slater, Lynn alumni across all colleges have made a name for themselves while making their alma mater proud. Joseph Abruzzo, a Democratic politician from Florida, Kathy “Coach” Kemper, an American executive, tennis coach, writer, and philanthropist, and Brett Podolsky, the Co-founder of Farmer’s Dog are just a few additional heavy hitters making an impact in communities around the world today.

Justin Cohen (left) with Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski (right). Photo/Lynn University.
Lisa Kerney at the desk of sports most famous show Sports Center. Photo/Lynn University.
Lynn alumni Andy Slater on the set of his show The Andy Slater Show. Photo/Wikipedia.

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