An Unforgettable Summer

Lynn University Students Embark on Their Summer Adventures

By Kiwana Alveranga

Staff Writer

As summer arrives, students at Lynn University enjoy their different range of activities, vacations and unforgettable moments. From traveling to places outside of the United States, spending time with family members and simply relaxing the break from school, students are making the most with their time off. This summer provides Lynn students with the time necessary to create amazing memories or the space to work on personal, financial and professional growth. Using this summer wisely can shape individuals into igniting their passions and shaping their future. 

With the variety of events that can and will take place during this summer, one of them involves a wedding in Saudi Arabia. Areej Altowairqi recently traveled home to Saudi Arabia to visit her family and to celebrate the marriage of her sister. Attending a Saudi Arabian wedding promises to be a truly beautiful and special experience, involving lavish ceremonies, intricate decorations and joyous celebrations. Attending a wedding in general is an amazing event to experience, but it means even more when it’s for a family member or friend. Seeing the love between two individuals and how their families come together to cherish and show respect to the couple embarking on their new journey, is something that is lovely to witness. 

“I went to Saudi Arabia, met my family and we celebrate my sister’s wedding when I got home. My sister met her husband when she was studying in the United States but they both are from Saudi Arabia,” said Areej Altowairqi, Lynn alumnus. 

While on the topic of traveling, another Lynn student decided to take a trip back home to visit family and enjoy their vacation by traveling overseas to Jamaica. Jamaica is known for reggae as its popular genre of music, and the well-known artist within that genre being Bob Marley. While Jamaica is known for its music and vibrant culture, it comes with the beauty of the land itself and the caring people that reside there. This Island is popular for travelers seeking paradise, relaxation, and adventure. Another amazing thing to look forward to when it comes to Jamaica is its mouthwatering cuisines that it has to offer. Jamaicans national dish is Ackee and salt fish but for a quick snack on the road, a lot of people tend to get fried chicken and festival. Festival isn’t what you’d normally think it is because in Jamaica it is, a deep-fried bread that is usually on the sweeter side. 

“It was my first time being in Jamaica and one thing I really loved was how nice everyone was that I encountered at my hotel and even the airport, and the food is out of this world, there’s a lot of new flavors,” said Lynn student Daphnie Olibrice.

Portland Jamaica possesses beauty in its abundance of lush greenery coupled with the variety of spots that have become tourist attractions. Somerset falls is a perfect example of this. Somerset falls is a place where the absolutely clear and cold water running down from the mountain passes through a lush scenery that is surrounded by natural pools that slows the water down. The falls were known to once belong to a produce plantation that was active in the late 1700s, however its beauty is now capitalized by the many activities that surround the area. Activities such as rafting, rock climbing, and boat tours. 

“The waterfall at Somerset Falls was so cold but it was somehow really relaxing because one of the workers there kind of gives you a massage while you step underneath the waterfall itself, the pressure from the water serves as a massage,” Toni Cole, a student. 

Embarking on a summer vacation that can vary from a trip to Saudi Arabia for a wedding and Jamaica for its tropical delights and relaxation can surely promise anyone an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a new culture to appreciate or just relaxation, these two places will satisfy those needs indefinitely. Taking a second to really appreciate life as it is, while improving yourself mentally, physically and financially is the best way to use the summer to your advantage. 

Lynn University Students at the beach. Photo/Lynn University.
Somerset Falls in Portland Jamaica. Photo/Toni C.

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