Is Graduating a Fearful or Prideful Moment?

Don’t Allow Your Fear of the Future Infringe on Your Big Moment

By Gabi Drobot, Assistant Editor

The day is almost here—time for our 2023 graduates to take the stage. Graduation day is one of the most prideful and joyous moments, but it can also bring a lot of fear and anxiety regarding the unknown.

First and foremost, do not forget to take a moment to allow yourself to be proud. You have made it so far and have grown immensely as a person compared to who you were on the first day of freshman year. Once you have allowed yourself a moment of pride, it is OK to face those fears of the unknown head-on.

Remember, you are not alone. Most students are unsure about what comes next after receiving their diplomas. Questions will be brewing in your mind like, “Should I go to graduate school?” “Will I get a job? ” “How will I afford my student loans?” Those are all valid ponderings. It is a difficult transition going from college student to college alumni. Responsibilities begin to pile up and it will sometimes feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

“As graduation gets closer, the fear and realization of the fact that I have no idea what I am doing next is setting in a lot more,” said Caroline Schwartz, a senior. “No amount of preparation can ever get you ready for not knowing your next move.”

Nothing is inevitable in life. We have been living a structured part of our adulthood here in college, and the structure is slowly beginning to disperse. However, that is OK! Sometimes, the most exciting challenges in life come at the most unexpected times.

Remember that you are most likely more prepared than you think! Luckily, Lynn University does a great job instilling real-world lessons into our curriculum.

“While graduation is a bittersweet moment that I am both looking forward to but also nervous about, I am excited to put the knowledge and tools I have gained at Lynn to use,” said Caroline Schwartz, a senior.

Recognizing that the knowledge you have gained over your time at Lynn will be helpful in your future is an aspect that can help ease the anxiety of the unknown. Change is to be expected and usually correlates with periods of stress, but learning how to alleviate these overwhelming feelings can make the transition much more manageable.

“I remember the day after graduation and realizing that I had not a single clue what I wanted to do next,” said an anonymous college alumni. “It takes some time, but that period of the unknown is kind of exhilarating because you have the opportunity to dictate which way the next section of your life unfolds.”

Take a deep breath; you have accomplished something incredible. What happens after you walk across that stage is inevitable. Think of the unknown as a challenge or a time to reinvent yourself instead of fearing the next phase of your life. The options are endless, and eventually, what is meant to be will fall into place.

Congratulations, Lynn University Class of 2023!

A Lynn graduate helping a fellow student with their cap. Photo/Lynn University.
A Lynn student walking the stage with their diploma. Photo/Lynn University.
Lynn graduates taking a selfie at the Lynn sign. Photo/Lynn University.

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