Makeup Does Not Last Forever

Do Product Expiration Dates Matter?

By Onielia Wilson, Copy Editor

All makeup products expire, but many people are often confused about how to check for expiration dates, and whether or not those expiration dates actually matter.

“I only throw out my makeup when it’s finished. I did not realize that makeup expires, and I’m not sure about how to check for expiry dates on my products,” said Erica Greenberg, a junior.

Makeup products do not have an exact expiration date stamped on them like food items do. Rather, they have an image of an open jar that states how many months after opening it will last.

Generally, most makeup products last at least a year, except for mascara and liquid eyeliner, which last six months at best. Liquid and oil-based products typically last shorter periods, especially when they are more natural with minimal preservatives.

“I definitely believe expiration dates are important when looking at products like mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss, or foundations,” said Kelly Webb, a senior and makeup enthusiast. “Mascara tends to get clumpy while lipsticks and lip gloss usually get a weird texture.”

The change in quality is only one concern with expired makeup. Using products beyond the expiration date can cause eye infections, acne, skin infections and other health issues.

“If your skin is very sensitive, you should be very conscious of the products you use,” said Romanshika Singh, a senior. “I use expired makeup because I have not had any problems with it. I also really love the product, so I don’t throw it away.”

Some people believe it is OK to use expired makeup once it looks good. They also hold on to certain products that may be limited edition or too expensive to repurchase.

While expired makeup may be easy to overlook and offer more convenience, the safest option is to throw away products once they are expired. It may be challenging to let go of some old makeup, but think of it as a chance for an exciting fresh start.

Kelly Webb wearing one of her favorite makeup looks. Photo/ K. Webb.
Romanshika Singh holding her favorite makeup palette. Photo/ R. Singh.
Erica Greenberg wearing her no-makeup makeup look for class. Photo/ E. Greenberg.

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