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From Signed Books to Exclusive Covers, Book Subscription Boxes Have It All

By Gretchen Lembcke-Pena, Editor-in-Chief

Reading has been on the rise lately, with TikTok and Instagram playing a massive role in romanticizing your life through literature. Now, purchasing a book subscription box can enhance that experience!

There are numerous subscription boxes readers can choose from. Some include just the book, while others have the book and items relating to the theme or book itself.

One of the most popular subscription boxes on the market is Book of the Month, which has options for one or more books and starts at $9.99/month for your first order and $16.99/month. After finishing the books, subscribers review them and place their order for the next month. There is also the option to skip a month.

“Book subscription boxes sound like a good idea,” said Matthew Feldman, a junior. “If you could set preferences for the genre you want to read, that’d be really cool.”

Another popular box is Fairyloot, which is specifically tailored for those who enjoy reading fantasy. Prices vary. Fairyloot offers book-only young adult and adult subscriptions, which are $28/month, while the young adult box includes merchandise like tote bags, mugs, keychains and bookmarks. That subscription is $35.90/month. All books are special editions with sprayed edges, signed by the author, exclusive cover art and an author’s note depicting their experience and why they wrote the book.

“I think book subscription boxes are a good initiative,” said Adriana Navid Veizaga Garcia, a senior. “I’m not a person who reads that often, but for those people interested in books, they can get the incentive of not only getting books but also getting merchandise.”

For those who want a truly immersive experience, Once Upon a Book Club is the ideal box. Starting at $49.99/month, Once Upon a Book Club includes an exclusive book with a signature from the author, a discussion with the author and discussion questions for your book club. The best part: If you get gifts, you open them according to the corresponding page number!

“I’d never heard of book subscription boxes; they sound very interesting,” said Melissa Quiceno, a junior. “I’m an avid reader, so now that I do know about them, I really want to order one.”

Whether you are an avid reader or someone interested in reading more, book subscription boxes are a great way to ease back into it in a fun way. So sit back, relax and pick up a book to immerse yourself in a world you love.

Lynn students studying at the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library. Photo/Lynn University Library.
Once Upon A Book Club unboxing. Photo/Cracking The Cover.
Lynn students doing classwork together. Photo/Lynn University.

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