Queen Bey is Back and Better Than Ever

Everything Fans Need to Know About Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

By Kayla Jovel, Staff Writer

Beyoncé announced on Instagram her 2023 Renaissance World Tour on Feb. 1  days before her Grammy success. Her tour is expected to kick off in May in Europe.

Beyoncé fans have unexpectedly gotten a lot of content from Queen B, from an exclusive performance in Dubai at the New Atlantis the Royal in January, to announcing the Renaissance World Tour days before she became the all-time most-awarded artist at the Grammy Awards.

The return marks the artists first tour since the Formation World Tour in 2016.

“I love her new album Renaissance,” said Alison Soto. “Once I heard she’s going on tour, you already know I was going to buy my ticket to see her perform.”

The Renaissance World Tour announced dates for show in North America starting in July through September. Tickets are now open for presale, where fans have the opportunity to receive an access code to use for tickets through three different groups of verified fan sales through Ticketmaster, Verizon and Citi.

Fans were also able to get registered through a lottery-style process where they will be placed into groups. Thei tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Ticketmaster has warned fans that due to high demand, it is likely they might leave the queue without a ticket as “demand has exceeded available tickets by more than 800%.

“I was lucky to get into the presale,” said Soto. “The process wasn’t so bad, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to get tickets, especially since Ticketmaster has been scamming people with their tickets and those high prices.”

Another issue is that pricing is not yet clear. Some fans have been able to purchase tickets for $300 each but some tickets have reached into the thousands, leaving uncertainty in what to expect once in the queue.

“I keep seeing TikToks of people buying their tickets and spending a lot of money on them. I saw one girl say she spent $6,000,” said Diana Garcia. “I think I might just stay home for spring break. I need to save money for tickets and for the merch Beyoncé is going to sell.”

Beyoncé has put her fans to work to be able to secure once-in-a-lifetime tickets to experience Queen Bey perform, leaving fans to rethink any upcoming spring break or summer plans in order to be able to afford tickets.

Fans can expect new show dates as Beyoncé has announced new additions to some cities due to high demand. If you have not been able to secure a ticket yet, there is a chance more dates will be added to your city.

The Renaissance World Tour is the most awaited tour of this summer and fans can expect Beyoncé to bring her all just as fans are giving their all to secure tickets.

Beyoncé performing in Dubai to open the New Atlantis the Royal Resort in January. Photo/Vulture.
Beyoncé performing during her Formation World Tour in 2016. Photo/Kevin Mazur.
TikTok creator Jessica explains how much she spent securing Beyoncé Renaissance Tour tickets. Photo/jessforfunn.

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