Covered in Crystals

Doja Cat Stuns at Schiaparelli Show

By Onielia Wilson, Copy Editor

On Jan. 23, 2023, singer Doja Cat attended the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show in Paris and stunned everyone with her head-to-toe red makeup and crystal-studded outfit.

Doja Cat’s outfit consisted of a crimson beaded gown paired with red boots and statement earrings. The most eye-catching detail was her skin, which was painted red and covered with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

“The outfit definitely served its purpose because it caught my attention,” said Mya Evans, a Lynn University student. “After hearing how many pieces were placed on the dress, I was shocked. The artists really took their time making the piece.”

The look was brought to life by makeup artist Pat McGrath and her team. They layered Doja Cat’s body with a foundation of face paint, body paint, and glitter before hand-placing each crystal. The process of applying the crystals alone took almost five hours.

“It was not only a revolutionary outfit for the fashion industry, but it also represented Doja Cat’s alternative style,” said Clo Soullier, a Lynn student.

Doja Cat is well-known for embracing bold and unconventional fashion, similar to the concept Schiaparelli displayed throughout the show. Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” inspired this year’s show. Doja Cat’s outfit was inspired by the poem “Canto I” from “Inferno,” which details a journey through hell.

Models also showcased unique interpretations on the catwalk with metallic-painted faces and animal heads made from foam. The foam animal heads were a leopard, a she-wolf, and a lion and were interpreted as the three beasts from “Inferno” by the creative director, Daniel Roseberry.

Kylie Jenner, another celebrity in attendance, wore the faux lion head. Doja Cat and Jenner’s outfits extended the catwalk as they embodied the theme while sitting in the front row. 

“I enjoy seeing celebrities match the theme of the fashion shows they attend. It is even better when they work alongside the show’s designers because it makes the ideas even more impactful,” said Lee Johnson, a Lynn student. 

Doja Cat has set the stage for fashion statements this year, and many are already awaiting her next shocking style moment.

Doja Cat arriving at Schiaparelli Couture show. Photo/M. Piasecki
Kylie Jenner wearing a faux lion head at Schiaparelli Couture show. Photo/Getty Images.
Doja Cat getting her body painted for the Schiaparelli Couture show. Photo/PatMcGrathLabs.

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