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This Week’s Place: Cleveland, Ohio

By Max Lederer, Student Writer

The city of Cleveland, Ohio, is definitely a place you want to visit. With its large array of activities and magnificent sights, you can never be bored!

Just a two-hour flight northwest of Lynn University, Cleveland is situated at the very top of Ohio along Lake Erie in the U.S. Midwest. With nearly 368,000 residents, it ranks 54th in population, just behind New Orleans.

People often travel to Cleveland because the city has a lot to offer. If you are a rock and roll enthusiast, you could simply spend a full day visiting the six floors at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which features a film called the “Power of Rock” that makes viewers feel like they are in the center of a concert. It is worth going just to see the “Power of Rock” film, itself.

In addition, Cleveland has an art museum, its renowned West Side Market, and a zoo. Situated next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Great Lakes Science Center is also a fun place to visit.

Also near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, visitors can enjoy a boat tour of Lake Erie with different options offered, including a cocktail cruise, a sightseeing cruise, a dinner cruise, and a morning cruise.

“The lakeside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a favorite for tourists and locals since it opened in 1995, and anyone would be remiss not to visit the triangular museum’s collection of colorful guitars and gold records,” said Conde N’ast Travel. “The starker, more modern Museum of Contemporary Art, with its all-glass façade and pointed roof, features collections by newer artists, such as musician Mark Mothersbaugh.”

For thrill-seekers, Cleveland is a one-hour drive to one of the most famous amusement parks in the U.S.: Cedar Point. Cedar Point has the most roller coasters than any other amusement park in the country. It also has a wide assortment of rides so everyone will find something they enjoy.

“Cleveland is a former manufacturing capital turned bustling culinary and arts hub,” said Travel and Leisure Magazine. “Not only is it affordable, but also there are plenty of fun things to do in Cleveland. World-class dining, craft beer, arts, and culture — it’s all here, and for a fraction of the cost you’d find in bigger cities like New York City or San Francisco.”

Cleveland has a wide variety of things to do for everyone. It is worth a day trip or weekend getaway that everyone must do at some point in their lifetime.

Sign of Cleveland. Photo/Wikipedia
Ariel view of Cleveland. Photo/CNN
Cleveland during the nighttime. Photo/Conde Nest Traveler

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