South Florida’s Hidden Ice Cream Parlor

If Ice Cream Is Not Enough, They Have More

By Xamantha Del Valle, Staff Writer

 With the Florida sun constantly beating down, one of the best ways to cool off is ice cream.

The Girls Ice Cream Club in Delray Beach is a hidden that provide that relief. Located 15 minutes north of Lynn’s campus, this old-fashioned ice cream shop opens into an interactive animal garden.

The Girls Ice Cream Club has quickly become a favorite among many area residents. With over 40 flavors of ice cream and gelato, there are so many flavors to choose from.

“My favorite flavor has to be Blue Moon,” said Barney, a local customer. “The best way to describe it is the milk leftover from your favorite cereal.”

Ice cream and gelato are not the only things offered. The store features a variety of treats, drinks and trinkets. The atmosphere is enjoyable and provides any visitor with a memorable experience.

“We like to stock one-of-a-kind things,” said Alechia, a cashier. “You can’t find a lot of our products anywhere else, which is cool.”

After you walk through the store, a door leads to an area that gives the location its hidden gem honorific. Visitors can navigate a lush green garden and experience a petting zoo. Goats, rabbits, donkeys and a large variety of birds wait to be fed and played with.

“No one knows we’re here. Drive too fast and you’ll miss us. They think we’re just a rinky-dink ice cream shop,” said Lisa, an employee. “But once they come back here, they can’t stop. It’s a great place for everyone.”

Walking the premises can work up an appetite, but that is hardly a problem. Conjoined by the ice cream shop is Bambini’s Pizzeria, whose menu spans Italian cuisine. The servers are friendly and willing to make any accommodations or modifications.

The food and service are not the only impressive things; it is affordable. The prices are great for students and the portions are generous. Open six days a week, it is a great place to hang out after classes and catch up with friends.

The Girls offers a wide selection of ice cream and gelato flavors. Photo/ Xamantha Del Valle.
Bambini’s Pizzeria is filled with options for fresh Italian cuisine. Photo/ Xamantha Del Valle.
The garden leads to an interactive petting zoo full of goats, exotic birds and rabbits. Photo/ Xamantha Del Valle.

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