Professors Help Students Thrive 

How Faculty Make an Impact on Students’ Lives

By Ava Margolis, Staff Writer

Professors are more than just people who teach classes; they inspire students, provide advice and encourage and impact the lives of students more than they potentially realize. 

College is a time for growth and new beginnings, and to acquire new skills and knowledge. Professors can be excellent mentors or friendly individuals to talk to. 

Their encouraging words and a positive attitude are often at the center of students’ college experience. 

“I like Dr. Kiser. She always makes class fun and a welcoming place for students. She is my advisor and has been flexible with me. She always has a smile that makes my day brighter,” said Kayla Friedlander, a Lynn sophomore.

A professor’s energy inside and outside the classroom significantly impacts how students learn, as feeling comfortable and being engaged aids student success. Therefore, liking a professor as a person can go a long way. 

“I feel comfortable around Professor Phillips because he is kind, has a calm sense of energy, and cares about students’ well-being which I find is important for professors to be,” said Ari Davis, a Lynn senior.

Professors at Lynn help students fall in love with their field of study and enjoy learning by encouraging, while helping them keep an open mind.

“Dr. Lesh, a professor in the College of Education, has left a lasting impact on me. She has helped me find my direction in the education field. I want to be an ESA teacher now and fell in love with it because of her,” said Brita Santannera, a Lynn senior.

There are so many professors at Lynn that help students drive on the road to success. The future is bright for Lynn students because of the dedication of Lynn’s professors.

Above: Kayla Friedlander working on homework, feeling happy and motivated. 
Photo/K. Friedlander

Above: Ari Davis feels content and confident after class with Professor Phillips. Photo/A. Margolis

Above: Future teacher Brita Santannera acts as a positive and caring role model around her little cousin. Photo/B. Santannera

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