Meet Lynn’s Jahzeel Ramos

Ramos’ Talents Are Manifold

By Allison Young, Staff Writer

Have you ever been curious about who your professor will be for an upcoming class? If his name is Jahzeel Ramos, you are in good hands and iPulse is pleased to take this time to introduce him and his many talents at Lynn.

According to Dr. Timea Varga:

“Ramos is an amazing individual, who is always a pleasure to work with. He’s creative, hardworking and excellent at his craft. He is a great asset to Lynn, and we are so grateful to have him as part of the Lynn family. I work with him quite a bit in our College of Communication and Design and in Celebration of the Arts.” 

Ramos, who serves as Lynn University’s broadcast coordinator and digital technology specialist, arrived at Lynn from Boca Raton’s former Digital Media Arts College, which merged with the university in 2018. 

Ramos, who also serves as adjunct faculty in the College of Communication and Design, started as a student worker for Lynn Drama, functioning as a scenic artist and costume designer. 

After completing his master’s degree in visual effects and animation, he continued working with Lynn Drama and was offered a full-time position in the College of Communication and Design. 

In his current role, he serves his college and all university departments with graphic and digital support, including booking and managing the television studio on the third floor of the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library to designing sets for Lynn’s fashion show and its annual Celebration of the Arts. 

While he is swamped daily, he completes all his tasks with kindness and a smile.

​“I’m a firm believer in Christ, so I know that every day we have is a blessing and an opportunity for me to be a blessing to others,” said Ramos.

Ramos, who attended elementary and high school in his hometown of Carolina, Puerto Rico, moved to Florida to attend college. He had an internship at and Video Bolt, where he was hired after his internship as the lead graphic designer. Ramos also worked at Blue Raven Studios, where he took pictures for locations to upload to Google Maps.

“Very nice, dude! He always tried to have everyone participate in class. I highly recommend him as a professor,” said a former student.

​Ramos is a genuine soul who wants his students to have the best learning experience. He also encourages his students to participate in as many professional and extracurricular experiences as possible and them to be ready to enter their careers without any doubts about who they are and what they want to achieve.

Above: First participation in Celebration of the Arts in the 2020 finale, “This is Me.”

Above: Ramos drawing live for a scholarship competition at the former Digital Media Arts College or DMAC.

Above: A half-live picture and half digital drawing of Ramos.

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