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How fashion affects international students

By Clotilde Soullier, Managing Editor 

For international students, adapting to a new country is challenging. Adapting to a new country’s fashion can be even more challenging. 

Micaela Dongo, a 20-year-old  junior at Lynn University, is all too familiar with those adjustments.

Dongo, who is pursuing a BA in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Hospitality Management, immediately saw a difference in fashion trends when she first arrived in the U.S. 

However, Dongo — a native of Peru — knew she would have to adapt to more casual and comfortable outfits in America and at Lynn University. 

“When I entered my first class at Lynn, I immediately understood that my style wasn’t the same as other American students. That’s when I realized I had to adapt to the ongoing fashion flow on campus, and I did not want to look out of place while everyone around me was wearing loungewear,” said Dongo. 

Dongo found that her style did not match with that of her new home. She understood that she did not need to dress up or look elegant while attending her courses. Dongo adapted for a more comfortable everyday look, unlike when she is back home when she wears sweaters and jackets. 

“I didn’t completely change my outfits, don’t get me wrong, but I did have to find comfortable outfits that will go unnoticed in the classrooms,” said Dongo. “Coming here is an entirely different temperature than when I am back home. I had to find light outfits that weren’t as dressy as the ones I wear when I am home.” 

Dongo’s fashion ideology changed radically. Dongo now enjoys rocking sweatpants and loungewear when attending her lectures, so she stays more comfortable and warmer inside classrooms.

“I have now revised to wear more contrasted and laid-back outfits. I now wear more low-key clothing such as sweatpants and hoodies, and during fresher days, I like to wear dresses or simple flowy pants with an easygoing t-shirt,” said Dongo. 

Above: Micaela Dongo’s wearing an in her hometown. Photo/Micaela

Above: One of Micaela Dongo’s winter outfits in her hometown. Photo/Micaela

Above: Micaela Dongo’s outfit for attending her classes at Lynn University. Photo/Micaela

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