Exercise & Improve Your Quality Of Life

Make time for your body and mind

By Ava Margolis, Staff Writer 

Exercise is an essential aspect of life. 

Studies demonstrate that staying physically active helps control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and decreases the chances of health conditions like heart disease. 

After speaking to college students, time and motivation are the two most significant factors that get in the way of exercise. 

Trying to fit time in the middle of the day can be challenging if prior commitments are already planned. Creating time in the morning before the busy day starts or after completing homework and classes may be a better way to ensure the exercise fits into schedules. 

“I always try and book morning classes so I can go to the barn and ride my horse,” said Mackenzie Harmon, a senior at Lynn. “I walk around at work often, so when I get a day off, I do wall sits and planks to keep my core strong.”

College students require exercise as classes and homework keep them sitting down for hours. Exercise improves energy, the quality of life and one’s focus in the classroom while also combatting the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

“Being active is important to me because I am a person who can’t sit still for too long. I feel happy, productive and healthy when I walk for an hour and play tennis after class,” said Ceci Marquez, a Lynn senior. 

College students naturally exercise when walking to class, but with the block scheduling, students do not walk as much as they would with a full day of classes. Going to the fitness center and participating in exercise classes each week helps keep students accountable for a workout with a committed time. 

“I generally go to the gym and participate in workout classes about three to four times a week to stay healthy and feel active, especially when I had a rough day at school,” said Dan Abraham, a junior at Lynn. 

Working out changes how students feel, both emotionally and physically. The energized aftereffect increases focus and aids studying. 

Above: Marquez jumping outside her home in Puerto Rico. Photo/Ceci Marquez

Above: Abraham hiking and enjoying the view in the woods. Photo/Dan Abraham

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