How To Stress Less

Manage college stress with these tips

By Ava Margolis, Staff Writer

College adds stress to every student’s life. Managing assignments, jobs and clubs can be overwhelming, but the right advice can help alleviate stress and make your academic year more successful.  

Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day. Students often find themselves facing simultaneous deadlines for multiple projects. Procrastination is real and relatable; being a college student and putting off assignments because of stress is common. However, seeking out the advice of busy students who successfully juggle student life can help mitigate stress. 

Andrea Berman, an education major, president of Chabad and a member of five clubs on campus, has experienced a lot of trial and error with time management. She finally found a method that works for her. 

“The most challenging part of my busy schedule has to be the balance of work and life,” said Berman. “My key to managing stress is knocking things out of the way by keeping a to-do list.” 

Although getting involved can be overwhelming and stressful, the outcome and feeling of accomplishment are like no other. There are many opportunities to find passions when looking for clubs and organizations on campus, and students should not avoid them simply because they assume participating will trigger stress.

One opportunity that offers internship credit and content creation is Her Campus, a digital magazine for women where members write weekly articles on topics they are passionate about. Social media, event planning and friendship are just some of the opportunities offered by the Lynn chapter. 

Priscilla Stalker, president of Her Campus, has mastered the balancing act. “The most challenging part of being Her Campus president is being able to balance schoolwork and making sure my roles of president and a chapter member are fulfilled. Creating a schedule and attending tutoring every week is the most useful way to manage senior year’s stress,” said Stalker.

It is essential to find time in the day for yourself. To facilitate this for students, the university invested in several relaxation options. These options include hammocks near Freiburger Residence Hall, a pool and beach chairs and a fitness center (exercise is great stress reliever). 

Senior Kelly Kline learned the importance of taking time for herself on weekdays. 

“I have a three-hour break between my two jobs and classes, so I try to take my attention off work by watching TV to focus on myself. I try not to think about anything that stresses me out,” said Kline. Creating a schedule to stay more organized, a checklist when completing tasks and taking time for yourself between classes helps students manage the stress that can accompany college life.  

Above: Priscilla Stalker planning her week on her laptop in a study room on campus. 

Above: Kelly Kline takes a moment for herself looking out at Lynn’s picturesque campus window. 

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