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How sports uniforms affect players’ on-field performance

By Clotilde Soullier, Managing Editor

A golf uniform is a visual representation of a club and its membership status. The Lynn University uniform is a symbol of Honor Kelly’s commitment to excellence on the golf course.

Kelly, 21, is now attending Lynn as a graduate student pursuing an MBA in Financial Valuation and Investment. She finds calm and relaxation by playing golf, and she tries to put all her best efforts into tournaments.

Throughout her years playing golf, she had the chance and possibilities to alter her sporty looks. Kelly’s view on the uniform makes her feel more connected to her teammates and the Fighting Knights’ spirit.

“Having a Lynn kit makes me play better because I have more to play for. It reminds me that I’m playing for a team and not just for myself, as opposed to my game before Lynn when my golf was strictly individual,” said Kelly.

Kelly feels more involved and more professional while playing in a Lynn uniform. In a way, she does feel a bit more restricted with the color combinations, but it gives her a sense of achievement.

“Before Lynn, I had a lot of freedom towards my clothing. It allowed me to express myself, and now with the current Adidas partnership, it  limits my color choice, but the uniform makes me feel like I am working towards something greater,” said Kelly.

While admiring her uniform, Kelly sees how far she has come with her golf career, and she also sees that her dreams and goals are being accomplished.

“Overall, the Lynn kit gives me a sense of professionalism and pride towards my game. It empowers me in my sport because I can show my pride in how far I have come with golf. The hard work and dedication I have put into golf reflect in this uniform.”

Honor Kelly, 21, in a Lynn Blue golf uniform. (Picture 1)
Honor Kelly taking a swing shot while wearing the Lynn golf team long-sleeve shirt. (Picture 2)
Honor Kelly practicing in her own golf gear. (Picture 3)

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