Is Marc Jacobs Making an impactful comeback? 

Rising from the pandemic’s ashes 

By: Isabella Cruz-Hill 

Position: Staff Writer 

Marc Jacobs the label nearly fell out of fashion due to the global pandemic, but Marc Jacobs is determined to make a comeback. 

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected the world in unpredictable ways. Alongside the rest of the world, the fashion industry has also endorsed drastic changes. Marc Jacobs, an American fashion designer and head of his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs, almost lost his label as a result of the pandemic. 

Jacobs’ particular style has made him very recognizable amongst other labels, influencing him to keep a consistent look to his designs. During the pandemic, since many people were quarantined and all large events were canceled, loungewear became the most desirable type of apparel. 

According to Paper Magazine, while most designers adapted to the public’s requests and created collections accordingly, Jacob refused. He believed that loungewear did not match his image or brand and continued creating collections designed for more elegant wear. This led Marc Jacobs to “fall out of fashion,” as the New York Times stated. 

“I was surprised to see Marc Jacobs’ popularity declining so quickly,” said Ana Lucia Nuila, junior. “I have loved Marc Jacobs ever since I was young; he’s a fashion icon for me and many others.” 

Jacob was not only negatively impacted by the pandemic, but even prior, he had claimed to “no longer understand what the customers want.” Brands that Marc Jacobs had previously worked for, such as Louis Vuitton, terminated their contracts with him. 

Fortunately, Jacobs was able to resurface his brand, catching the fashion industry by surprise. Vogue Magazine debuted the Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag” release, which was exceptionally successful. The Tote Bag began trending on social media apps such as TikTok and was worn by multiple influencers. In his spring 2022 runway collection, Jacobs focused on finding a balance between his trademark and meeting the public’s demands. 

“Marc Jacobs created the perfect tote bag,” said Michelle Flumini, senior. “The bag not only comes in three different sizes, multiple colors and textures, but it is also extremely productive. I own the tote bag myself and use it every day when I come to class.” 

Jacobs also put the name of his brand right on the tote bag, which was a very strategic move on his part. Anyone that saw the tote bag knew precisely who designed it and where to buy it. The tote bag brought Marc Jacobs the label back into the fashion world. Jacobs also partnered with top-rated TV shows such as Euphoria, a teen drama with over 16.3 million viewers, and had some of the main characters wear his new spring collection. This brought a lot of attention to his collection since this show holds a significant influence on fashion. 

Through social media and adjusting to the current popular demands, Jacobs was able to make a complete 180 with his brand and is back on track in leading the fashion game. 

Marc Jacobs’ The Tote Bag campaign. Photo/ Vogue Magazine.  
Marc Jacobs’ 2022 spring collection. Photo/Fashionotography. 
Marc Jacobs dress worn by Euphoria character. Photo/ W Magazine. 

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