Could Deshaun Watson make a comeback? 

By JT Scott 

After dealing with sexual assault case Watson is looking to sign with an NFL despite having ongoing civil cases 

Derrick Deshaun Watson is an NFL quarterback, he was selected in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft to the Houston Texans. 

He had a very promising first four years with the Texans, making the Pro bowl three out of the four years while also helping the Texans try to make a playoff spot. 

That was until March 16, of 2021. 

On March 16, Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for all women involved, announced a civil lawsuit against Watson for sexual misconduct to the Harris County District Clerk. Watson quickly turned to Twitter to denounce the claims against him. 

The following day of the 17, Buzbee files two more lawsuits against Watson. Then on the 18, he filed another four lawsuits against Watson. All lawsuits were through the Harris County District Clerk Office. 

Meir hours after the four lawsuits were filed, the NFL launched an investigation into Watson’s situation. 

On the 19, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin released a statement to the public saying this, “I believe any allegation that Deshaun forced a women to commit a sexual act is completely false… Again, we are taking the allegations very seriously and we ask only that people not rush to judgement.” 

For the rest of March and into early April, more and more lawsuits would be filed against Watson. The final total of lawsuits was 22. 

This situation would force the Texans to try and trade Watson, Nike suspended its endorsement with Watson, and potentially could keep Watson out of the NFL for good. 

This situation would go on until March of this year. 

Watson was scheduled to be in court on March 11 for his hearing and was expected to invoke his Fifth Amendment right. Watson did exactly that and at the end of the hearing the Grand jury returned nine “no” bills on nine criminal complaints against Watson. This concluded the criminal proceedings against him. 

Although Watson is no longer facing criminal charges, he still faces 22 active civil lawsuits that allege of sexual harassment and assault. 

With this verdict breaking the news, iPulse went to Lynn university to ask football fans their opinion on the situation. 

“I wanna see him play football again,” said Alex Stroh, freshman. “He was pretty solid on the Texans, I think he could help a team a lot.” 

Other fans like Kyle Verb are not so pleased with Watson potentially coming back to the NFL. 

“He should never play until he is completely clear,” said Kyle Verb, sophomore. “Why would the NFL let him play with 22 active cases against him?” 

The NFL quarterback market has been shaken up with the news of Watson’s potential comeback. He has received offers from numerous teams but, has only kept interest in the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.  

Could Deshaun Watson make an NFL comeback and be as good as he was before the situation? This next NFL season is sure to be a good one. 

Deshaun Watson scrambles for the first down. Photo/ 
(Left) Tony Buzbee and his client (right) make statement at Harris County court house. Photo/Houston Chronicle. 
The lawyer representing all 22 women in trial against Watson, Tony Buzbee. Pictured:  

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